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Inep Enem Announces Today:

The National Institute for Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) releases today (16) the National High School Exam Enrollment Confirmation Card (Enem) 2019.

Among other information, students will have access to the place where they will take the exam in this year. The tests will be applied on November 3rd and 10th.

"The first recommendation is that the participant print the confirmation card and those who need, print the declaration of attendance and take both for the exam," Inep Murillo Gameiro Director of Planning and Management told the Agência Brasil. .

Once knowing the place of application, the director recommends that participants make the journey from home to the place, to evaluate the duration of the journey on the day of the race -

The participant must know the route to the race site, considering that in the Race day will have more complicated traffic, and there will be several people participating in the Enem.

It is good for the participant to know the route and to know the time they will spend from home to the venue. ”

On Enem's day, the tip is to get there in advance. The gates will open at 12 noon, Brasília time, and will close at 1 pm.

The Card can be viewed on the Participant Page, on the Internet, or through the Enem application, available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play platforms.

To access the Card, the participant must inform the password registered at the time of enrollment in Enem 2019. Inep released a video advising those who lost the password on how to recover it.

Students can check the Card number of the room where they will take the exam; the foreign language choice made during registration;

And the type of specific and specialized service with accessibility features, if requested and approved; among other information.

Inep Enem - Declaration of Attendance:

Second Gameiro, besides the card, will be available from this Wednesday the declaration of attendance of the first day of the exam, which should be taken on November 3.

The second day statement will be available from November 4th and should be used on November 10th.

This statement must be printed and taken to the test when it will be signed by the venue coordinator.

“Depending on the work regime, some people are on duty over the weekend and need a declaration to have the absence paid.

These are specific cases, ”he says. These people, according to the director, should be aware that Inep will not provide proof of presence after the day of the race.

The Enem 2019 will be held in 1,727 Brazilian municipalities. About 5.1 million students are enrolled in the exam.

Those who have completed high school or will complete this year can use Enem's grades to enroll in the Unified Selection System (Sisu), which offers vacancies at public higher education institutions.

Students may also apply for scholarships under the University for All Program (ProUni) and funding from the Student Fund (Fies).


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