halloween 2019

Berlin is preparing for Halloween 2019:

Decorations, food, costumes, events - and the police are warning. We have compiled the most important information.

On Thursday it should be scary: It's Halloween again. The popular festival in the USA has long been established in Germany as well.

Especially children love to dress up, to fear and to collect sweets from their neighbours. But how do you prepare for the scary evening?

Where can I get a costume at the last minute? Where do I learn to carve faces into pumpkins? We have put together all the information for a successful Halloween party.

Preparations for Halloween day 2019 - costume purchase and food:

Either you already have a costume, or you're starting to panic now. For many, buying a costume is the biggest stress before Halloween.

Where can I get one more now? What do I do if my child suddenly no longer wants to go as Dracula but as Spiderman?

Do not worry: some costume shops in Berlin are expanding their opening hours due to Halloween. If this does not work, you have to become creative yourself.

On the Internet, there are a lot of instructions for original disguises. If necessary, it also does the good old bed sheet ghost costume.

But do not forget the physical well-being: Above all, the "sweet or sour" demanding children from the neighbourhood would be very disappointed if you receive them empty-handed.

A candy supply is helpful here. The good news: Since neither the Reformationstag on October 31st nor Halloween itself are in Berlin holidays, the supermarkets have opened normally.

Here you can get the ingredients for a Halloween-friendly dinner: from vampire burgers to zombie cake to bloody apples on the stalk, there are no limits to your imagination.

Joke articles and Halloween Day 2019 decorations:

Not only the costume contributes to the success in frightening others, but even joke articles can also have a share in it.

You get that, for example, at the Neukölln Magic King, which is no longer on the Hermannstraße but in the Herrfurthstraße.

And what would Halloween be without the pumpkin? If you are still looking for inspiration for the design of the vegetable decoration, you will find it in Beelitz:

Berlin-Brandenburg's largest pumpkin exhibition, which takes place until 3 November at the Spargelhof Plaistow.

It's an hour's drive by car, and 20 minutes by bus and train. As a reward, one expects a 500-kilo pumpkin with a carved face.

Halloween costumes 2019 -Pranks etiquette:

On Halloween itself: It may be haunted. But beware: "Small pranks end quickly as property damage," writes the director of police crime prevention of the federal states and the federal government in a press release on Halloween. Punishments are allowed, property damage or offences not.

Halloween day 2019 - Events for the whole family:

Those who want to offer their children even more than the "trick-or-treat" tour around the block could take a trip.

How about, for example, a children's Halloween excursion to the Filmpark Babelsberg?

In addition to gruesome attractions and a Halloween make-up workshop, there are numerous hands-on activities for children, such as a "zombie workshop" or the labyrinth "the junkyard of horror".

By the way: The fun does not end at Filmpark Babelsberg on Halloween. On the 1st and 2nd of November, the horror nights take place in the Filmpark.

Babelsberg Film Park, Großbeerenstraße 200, Potsdam, Children's Halloween: 31 October, 10 am - 7 pm, adults 20 euros, children (4-16 years)

13 euros; a child (up to 16 years) in a full costume and accompanied by a fully paying adult have free admission.

halloween day

Halloween 2019 Run:

If you like it sportier, you can banish the evil spirits while jogging: In the Jungfernheide the Halloween run takes place.

Costuming is requested! In addition to the student-run, there is a make-up campaign and pumpkin carving for children. Registration is still possible for all categories.

Halloween Run Berlin, Volkspark Jungfernheide, Halloween Run, 5.30pm ("Bambini Run"), 6pm ("1.1km Student Run"), 6.30pm ("integrationsWorks 5km Run"), 7.30pm ( "optimum Nutrition 10km run")

Halloween day 2019 entertainment for adults:

Even dance-happy adults will not miss out on Halloween: On November 1 and 2, numerous Halloween parties will take place in Berlin - the largest in the Kulturbrauerei.

On-site there is a free make-up service, who brings his own Halloween costume, gets free before 23 clocks.


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