Frankfurt Marathon

The Frankfurt Marathon Has Started:

Just a few minutes to the start of the Frankfurt Marathon - What you need to know about traffic, closures and detours.

Since 10 o'clock the runners are on the track at the Frankfurt Marathon, cheered on by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

In our live ticker, you will learn everything about the Frankfurt Marathon - the current status of the race, the most important background information - and of course the current track closures.

  • At 10 o'clock, the runners went on the track
  • A whole series of top athletes from the marathon scene will enter the race
  • numerous roads along the route are closed to traffic
  • 0 o'clock: start !! The runners go on the 42,195 meters long Distzanz!

9:42 clock: A quick look at the weather: Although it is covered, it is still dry, the temperatures are good with about 12 to 15 degrees to run. Let's see if that stays that way.

Update from Sunday, 27.10.2019, 8.32 am: The Frankfurt big event will soon start: The runners of the Frankfurt Marathon are already on the way to the start.

The marathon starts at 10 o'clock, the relay marathon at 10.35 o'clock. The mini-marathon starts at 10:55. The end of the marathon is scheduled, according to organizers for 16.45.

Frankfurt Marathon: That's what the track looks like

The marathon route runs along the following roads: the race starts at Messe Frankfurt. It continues over

  • Friedrich Ebert plant - Mainzer country road Taunusanlage
  • New Mainzer Straße - Junghofstraße - Mainzer Landstraße
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage - Senckenberganlage- Bockenheimer Landstraße
  • Opera Square - Große Bockenheimer Straße - Goetheplatz
  • Great Gallusstraße- New Mainzer Straße - Kaiserstraße
  • Roßmarkt- Große Eschersheimer Straße- Hochstraße
  • Reuterweg- Bremer Straße - Eschersheimer Landstraße
  • Bleichstraße - Konrad-Adenauer-Straße - Kurt-Schumacher-Straße
  • Old bridge - Sachsenhäuser Ufer - Schaumainkai
  • Swiss road - Hans-Thoma-Straße - Gartenstraße
  • Kennedyallee - Niederräder Landstraße - Bruchfeldstraße
  • Goldsteinstraße - Morgenzeile - Zur Frankenfurt
  • Rheinlandstraße - Martinskirchstraße - Mauritiusstraße
  • Schwanheimer bridge (B 40a) - Nieder Kirchweg - Mainzer Landstraße
  • Bolongaro street - Casino street - Ludwig Scriba street
  • Oeserstraße - Birminghamstraße - Mainzer Landstraße
  • Kriegkstraße - Frankenallee - freight yard
  • Mainzer Landstraße - Taunusanlage - Opernplatz
  • Goethestraße - Great Gallus Street - Taunustor
  • Gallusanlage - Kaiserstraße - Roßmarkt
  • Große Eschersheimer Straße - Hochstraße - Taubenstraße
  • Great Bockenheimer Straße - Opernplatz - Taunusanlage
  • Mainzer Landstraße - Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage
  • The goal is in the Festhalle. At what time exactly your street will be closed.

Frankfurt Marathon: Police give information on closures

Update from Wednesday, 23.10.2019, 11:48: The police Frankfurt has also published information for the Frankfurt Marathon.

From 7 am to 6 pm, areas in Sachsenhausen, Niederrad, Goldstein, Schwanheim, Nied, Höchst, Gallus and the city centre will be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic.

It can, therefore, come to significant traffic obstructions, so that road users have to plan longer travel times and detours. Subsequent dismantling and cleaning work can lead to time shifts at the barriers.

On the event day, 069/7575 - 41700 and 069/7575 - 41701 a citizen telephone (07:30 clock to 16:30 clock) is set up, which informs about current closures.

Marathon Frankfurt 2019: traffic and closures

Update from Tuesday, 22.10.2019, 14.23 clock: The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon will be on 27.10. Start with over 20,000 runners.

The event is unfortunately also associated with traffic restrictions and disabilities. We put together all the relevant information for you so that you can safely reach your destination.

The actual marathon starts at 10.00 o'clock. The relay marathon at 10:35 and the mini-marathon at 10:55. All three events start in the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage.

Frankfurt Marathon: public transport

While S-Bahn and U-Bahn operate unhindered, numerous tram and bus lines have to be interrupted or diverted.

Up-to-date information is available on the RMV service telephone 069-24248024 (daily 24 hours a day) or via the Internet timetable information at

On the one hand, to not unduly hinder the public transport and on the other hand to guarantee the safety of the runners, is appealed to all road users to follow the diversion signs and blocking measures, the notes of the folders and traffic assistance and the instructions of police officers. The use of navigation devices is therefore not recommended.

Frankfurt Marathon: traffic information by car

Destination traffic: Mainova Frankfurt Marathon on the A648 from the Westkreuz follow the destination signage "P-Messe" and park the motor vehicles in the parking garage, Rebstock. From there, shuttle buses run to the start and finish area.

Destination city centre: Motorists are asked to park their vehicles outside the city centre and to use public transport (U- and S-Bahn). Or: from the north via the A661 and the Friedberger Landstraße in the direction of the city centre

from the east unhindered

from the south via Darmstädter Landstraße - Flößerbrücke to Anlagenring or A3, AS Ffm.-Süd - Oberforsthaus - Kennedyallee - Gartenstraße - Walter-Kolb-Straße - Sachsenhäuser Ufer - Gerbermühlstraße - Osthafenbrücke - Hanauer Landstraße

from the west via the A66 - exit Miquelalee - Adickesallee - Friedberger Landstraße, or via the A5, AS Ffm.-Westhafen - Gutleutstraße - Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße - Theatertunnel - Berliner Straße - southern inner-city area.

The following places are always available despite the Frankfurt Marathon:

Main station: A5 via the motorway junction Ffm.-Niederrad to the Friedensbrücke - Baseler Platz - Gutleutstraße - Hafenstraße - Mannheimer Straße or A5 via AS Ffm.-Westhafen - Gutleutstraße - Hafenstraße - Mannheimer Straße

University Clinic: A5 via AS Niederrad - Schwanheimer Ufer or A5, AS Ffm.-Westhafen - Gutleutstraße - Friedensbrücke - TheodorStern-Kai, from about 14:00 also via A3 AS Ffm.-Süd
Airport: Avenida A661 to the OF cross then A3 and B43

Frankfurt Marathon: The local hero Petra Wassiluk starts

The first announcement from Friday, 11.10.2019, 11.24 clock: Local heroine at the Frankfurt Marathon: Even the two-time Olympian Petra Wassiluk from Darmstadt wants to go on Sunday (27.10.) At the start.

The athlete, who competed in the Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000) Olympic Games, celebrates her 50th birthday on the day of the marathon, but that does not stop her from running 42.195 kilometres.

The Darmstadt has been closely connected with the Frankfurt Marathon since 2001. In October 2001, Wassiluk played in Frankfurt her first marathon as a profile runner for the LG Eintracht Frankfurt.

A year later, she joined the organization of the running event. Besides, she regularly trains and looks after marathon newcomers.

On October 27, she will especially take care of Thomas Zampach: The former professional footballer of Eintracht Frankfurt and Mainz 05 runs his second marathon.

Frankfurt Marathon: Information about the running classic

The 38th Mainova Frankfurt Marathon starts on October 27, 2019, at 10 o'clock.

Top athletes, a fast track and the very dense atmosphere characterize the event in Frankfurt. We provide you with all the information about the running classic here.

The Frankfurt Marathon has a flat route profile and is the third-fastest marathon in the world. World-class athletes are represented in the starting field.

World record-holders Mark Kiptoo and Tsegaye Mekonnen will probably deliver an exciting duel.

Last year's winner and track record holder Meskerem Assefa and German Fabienne Königstein are also among the women's entries. A total of ten runners set the fastest time under 2:08 hours.

The marathon recently had more than 27,000 participants, who were cheered on by the roadside by around 500,000 spectators. The whole city is excited when athletes enter the race.

Frankfurt Marathon: the appointment 2019

  • On Sunday, October 27, 2019.
  • Start at 10 clocks in the Friedrich Ebert plant
  • Destination: Frankfurt Festhalle.
  • Registration for the Frankfurt Marathon 2019
  • The registration deadline for the Frankfurt Marathon * was October 6, 2019.

 frankfurt marathon - Late registration:

If the number of participants has not yet been exhausted, only an online late registration will be possible after 6 October. Until the 20th of October, you should still be able to log on this way.

Anyone who has missed this deadline, but would like to run, must hope that there are still starting places left. Should that be the case, you can also decide on 25.10.

from 12 to 19 o'clock or on 26. 10. from 10 to 19 o'clock announce. The Nachmelde switch is located in Hall 1, Level 2 of Messe Frankfurt. The late entries for the marathon cost 109 Euro each.

In addition to the classic race over the 42,195 meters across Frankfurt, there is also the relay marathon and the mini-marathon.

Frankfurt: Arrival as a marathon participant

Arrival by train

It takes about 12 minutes to walk from the main train station Frankfurt to the exhibition centre. Of course, you can also use the tram, the subway line U4 and the suburban train S3, S4, S5 or S6.

Your confirmation will be valid on October 27, 2019, as a ticket to the exhibition grounds. Afterwards, the start number is valid as a combination ticket for all buses and trains in the entire interconnected network.

arriving by car

On the 25th and 26th of October, the "Messeturm" and "Skyline Plaza" multi-storey car parks can be used in the surroundings of the fair. Attention: The trade fair car park "Rebstock" is closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

On October 27, from 7 o'clock all surrounding streets are closed. The only way to arrive: Follow the signs "Messe" and leave the A5 at the exit "Westkreuz Frankfurt".

On the A648 take the exit "Rebstock / ADAC", from there follow the signs "Messe-Parkhaus". There is a free shuttle service to the exhibition centre. Motorhomes can be parked on the Rebstock area, Block D. The pitch costs 10 euros per day.


There are 35 mobile toilets at the start and finish. At the distance at kilometre 5, 10 and then every 2.5 kilometres each at the refreshment centre toilets.

For further questions on site: In front of the entrance to the Marathon Mall and Hall 1, Level 2 there is an information point.


Frankfurt Marathon organizer Jo Schindler on strange world records, the changed focus of his race, the new role of Katharina Steinruck and the debut of Homiyu Tesfaye.

Starting lineup at the Frankfurt Marathon 2019

Started in the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage in the direction of the city centre. There are two starting groups: The first group starts at 10 o'clock, the second one at 10:10.

  • The first wave, start at 10 o'clock:
  • 1st block "ASICS"
  • Runners with finish time up to 3:00 hours
  • 2nd block "BMW"
  • Runners with finish time until 3:00 to 3:15 hours
  • 3rd block "City Frankfurt"
  • Runners with finish time up to 3:15 to 3:35 hours
  • The second wave, start at 10:10:
  • 4th block: "Mainova"
  • Runners with finish time up to 3:35 to 3:45 hours
  • 5th block "Rosbacher"
  • Runners with finish time up to 3:45 to 4:00 hours
  • 6th block "Messe Frankfurt"

Runners with finish times from 4:00 hours and all participants who have not the specified finish time.

Destination of the Frankfurt Marathon: the Frankfurt Festhalle

The Frankfurt Festhalle is the destination of the Frankfurt Marathon *. The athletes enter the building via a red carpet and are welcomed by an enthusiastic audience.

For the participants, the destination is officially open until 16:15. This means that they have to master the route within a maximum of six hours.

This corresponds to an average duration of 8:30 minutes per kilometre. Runners who finish later will not be picked up by the timekeeping, but will, of course, receive a commemorative medal.

Each participant who reaches the finish within six hours will receive a certificate and a finisher medal. Besides, the winners of the respective age groups receive a present.

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