Fortnite Game Has Not Been Online Since Sunday Evening:

One of the most popular computer games in the world is not available at the moment. This is not due to technical problems but to a meteorite.

Fortnite is down. In other words, the game has not been online since Sunday evening. A black hole appears where else the game starts.

But this should not be a hack or a technical problem. Rather, the finale of the season 10 of the computer game had been announced.

According to trade magazines, the Fortnite players' figures were whirled in the so-called in-game event around 8:00 pm Sunday night.

Rockets and meteorites triggered a shockwave. After that, the players were sucked into a black hole. Experts estimate that CNN reports that millions of users have watched the season finale.

In the coming days, the next season of the game should start. When it is so far, is not yet foreseeable. However, some leaks are already circulating online about possible new maps and functions.

The hashtag "#Fortnite" quickly made it into Twitter trends. Fortnite plays comic characters that barricade users and try to eliminate, ie shoot, enemies.

Fortnite is considered one of the most popular computer games in the world. More than 250 million players have a Fortnite account, with up to 80 million people playing the game each month.

It can be enjoyed by the American game manufacturer Epic Games. The made in 2018 about 2.6 billion euros profit, two-thirds of which, 

According to analysts Fortnite recorded. Investors estimate the value of the company at more than 13 billion euros.


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