Flight Cancellations In Barcelona:

Even today there have been more cancellations at Barcelona airport. That evening protests against the condemnation of Catalan separatist leaders escalated. At least 170 people were injured.

The massive protests in Catalonia against the hard court sentences for nine separatist leaders further lead to impairments in air traffic.

After yesterday's Barcelona airport, many connections had been cancelled yesterday, at least 45 flights were cancelled today.

Dozens of other connections could only start late. Most of the more than 1000 flights should take place normally.

75 people were injured in the protests at El Prat Airport yesterday. Overall, there were at least 170 injured during the protests in Catalonia yesterday.

Among them are about 40 police officers, the authorities said. Protesters had fiercely fought the police at the airport.

They threw stones and dustbins at the security forces and the police used batons. Three activists have been arrested, reported Spanish television.

According to the operator Aena 110 flights were cancelled. The organizers of the protests had bought tons of cheap air tickets for the protesters.

Not with the goal of actually flying - but with the ticket to enter the security area. There, several thousand independence advocates blocked the corridors and partially paralyzed the flight operations.

Thousands of protesters also temporarily blocked access to the airport.

Barcelona - Long prison sentences for separatist leaders:

In the evening thousands of Catalans gathered in the city centre to demonstrate Catalan independence.

Before the seat of the regional government, they also demanded freedom for several separatist leaders.

Here too there were occasional violent clashes between police and demonstrators. For today, further protests are expected.

The Supreme Court in Madrid yesterday sentenced nine separatist leaders to charges of long-term prison sentences of between nine and 13 years.

It dealt with the role of the defendants in the independence referendum of October 1, 2017, which was banned by the judiciary, and a resulting independence decision of the regional government.

The main defendant was former Deputy Regional President Oriol Junqueras. Most of the defendants have been in custody for two years.

Barcelona - Junqueras calls for a new referendum:

Junqueras meanwhile called for a new referendum for the independence of Catalonia.

"I am sure that this conflict will have to be resolved through ballot boxes and we believe that sooner or later a referendum will be inevitable

Because otherwise how can we give a voice to citizens?" He said in his first interview after the verdict,

His answers were to the news agency Reuters. transmitted from prison on late Monday evening.

Junqueras was convinced that the long-term prison sentences against him and eight other leaders of the Catalan separatists had only made the independence movement stronger and more determined.

He announced that he would appeal, together with others, against the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


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