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Jorge Fernando Was Dies:

At Globo since 1978, he debuted in the series 'Ciranda, Cirandinha'. As a director, he led 34 productions.

Died this Sunday (27), at 64, the actor and director Jorge Fernando. He was admitted to the CopaStar Hospital in Copacabana, South Zone of Rio.

Jorge Fernando was a director of TV Globo and his last work as director and actor took place this year in the 19h soap opera "Summer 90". It was his return after two years away from the TV, when he recovered from a stroke.

In a note, Copa Star Hospital reported that he died after being admitted late Sunday afternoon due to cardiac arrest "due to a complete aortic dissection."

At Globo, Jorge Fernando directed several hits, such as the soap operas “Rainha da Sucata” and “Alma G Twin”.

Actor, director, writer and humorist, Jorge Fernando was a complete artist who helped revolutionize the way television is made in Brazil.

His first contact with the art of acting was still a teenager at the school where he studied in Méier, North Zone of Rio.

On TV, he debuted as an actor in 1978 on the series "Ciranda, Cirandinha". In the following decade, Jorge Fernando worked on various productions, but it was on the other side of the camera as a director that he found his true passion.

Since then, he has directed 34 soap operas, miniseries and series. His directorial debut was in Janete Clair's "Winged Heart" in 1980.

One of its most remarkable successes was “War of the Sexes”, whose protagonists were Fernanda Montenegro and Paulo Autran.

For his work on the 7 pm plot, he was awarded the Paulista Association of Art Critics as the best director in 1983, alongside Guel Arraes.

From “War of the Sexes” is the classic breakfast scene, one of the most important in Brazilian television drama.

Nearly 30, he had a chance to do it all over again when he directed the remake of the soap opera in 2012.

In the 1990s, many novels directed by him marked a generation. Like "Queen of Scrap", "Vamp", "God Aids Us" and "The Next Victim", which made Brazil stop in the last chapter, waiting for the revelation of who was the great killer.

In addition to the soap operas, Jorge Fernando also made history in humour. With “Get Down,” he took the theatre back to TV and forced many people to sleep later on Sundays.

After a long season with a director, Jorge Fernando returned to acting in 2011, in the series "Macho Man". From TV to the theatre, she directed Cláudia Raia in the musical “Don't Escape the Raia”.
It was the dress rehearsal for the autobiographical play, “Salve Jorge”. In the show, Jorge Fernando gathered stories that marked his professional career.

TV, cinema and theatre together, recounting with great humour a little of the history of one of the biggest names in Brazilian culture.

Director Jorge Fernando died on Sunday 27, at 64, at the Copa Star Hospital in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, from an aneurysm.

The information was confirmed by Globo organizations, where Fernando worked since 1978, initially as an actor and for almost 40 years also as a director.

The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday 29 at the Caju Cemetery in Rio de Janeiro's North Zone. The wake will be in the same place from 8 am to 10 am, open to the public

Since 2017 Jorge Fernando faced complications from the consequences of a stroke. The Copa Star hospital reported that the director was admitted on Sunday afternoon after sick, and died around 8 pm after a cardiac arrest.

The son of actress Hilda Rebello, Jorge Fernando de Medeiros Rebello was born in Rio de Janeiro on March 29, 1955. He made his television debut in the series Ciranda, cirandinha, aired by TV Globo in 1978.

Shortly after, in 1981, he was a director of telenovela “Game of Life” and since then has established itself as one of the best-known names in Brazilian television.

He also directed films, such as the comedies "The Rock War" and "If I Were You," as well as TV Globo's "Get Out From Below."

Although he gave priority to directing, he also continued acting as an actor throughout his career, including the role of Zetó in the soap opera “Baby on Board” and several soap operas he directed. In “Summer 90”, he played Mendoncinha.

Mourning! Director Jorge Fernando dies at 64 after cardiac arrest

Jorge Fernando died on Sunday (27) shortly after being admitted to the Copa Star hospital in southern Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (27).

According to a note sent to Purepeople, the hospital said that the director of TV Globo suffered 'a cardiac arrest due to a dissecting complete aortic aneurysm'.

Still according to the medical report, 'despite all efforts, it was not possible to reverse the picture' Jorge Fernando died on Sunday (27), at 64, the victim of a cardiopulmonary arrest.

According to the medical report issued by the Copa Star hospital in Copacabana, southern Rio de Janeiro, "patient Jorge Fernando died after a late cardiac arrest due to cardiac arrest due to a dissecting complete aortic aneurysm."

" Also according to the note sent to Purepeople, signed by Dr Bruno Celoria, medical director of the Star Cup,

Dr Loreta Burlamaqui, assistant physician and Claudio Benchimol, cardiologist, "despite all efforts, it was not possible to reverse the picture."

Victim of a stroke in 2017, Jorge Fernando fought against some sequelae of the disease. Even so, this year he returned to work on TV

And directed, until July 2019, the soap opera "Summer 90", whose happy ending pleased the viewers.

Famous mourn the death of the director

Jorge Fernando's early death took everyone by surprise. Incredulous, novelist Walcyr Carrasco lamented: "My dear Jorge Fernando has died! We did beautiful novels together like 'Chocolate with Pepper', 'Soul Mate' and 'Eta Good World!'.

All big blockbusters because he was genius. Will brighten the sky Jorginho with your humor, your joy! Goodbye goodbye! You will be missed! 'In the comments of the publication, Mariana Ximenes agreed: "What a sadness.

Our beloved Jorginho who conducted the recordings of 'Chocolate with Pepper' in such a unique, special way! "With a photo in which the director appears wearing a Paquita hat, Xuxa said good-bye:" My Jorginho ... my director. "became an angel ... eternal longing, thank you for respecting me so much."

"Your joy will always be remembered ... rest in peace," lamented Adriane Galisteu, who recently also mourned the loss of makeup artist Duda Molinos. Marcelo Adnet , also commented the death of Jorge Fernando.

"What a pity the early departure of the great Jorge Fernando. Boom! I will remember him for his sympathy and his great energy always! Much affection and strength to Dona Hilda Rabello, "he wrote, referring to the director's mother."

Still not believing that Jorge Fernando left us. A great talent and a great human being that will be sorely missed.

Strength for Dona Hilda Rebello and family, "commented Sabrina Sato, who last night honored Hebe Camargo, who died in 2012.

Many anonymous fans of the artist also used the web to say goodbye. One of them recalled that 2019 has not been kind.

"Fernanda Young and Jorge Fernando in the same year ... Difficult," she wrote, recalling the death of the actress, writer and presenter, victim of an asthma attack, followed by respiratory arrest.

Recall Jorge Fernando's career:

Jorge Fernando began his artistic career as an actor. His first novel was "Ciranda, Cirandinha" in 1978.

He amended one work on the other and participated in striking works on TV Globo, such as "Pai Hero" (1979) and "Água Viva" (1980). But it was in 1981, in "Game of Life", that he started driving and never stopped.

Then he joined his two passions and in many plots he directed also made guest appearances, as in "Cambalacho" (1986), "What King Am I?" (1989), "Queen of Scrap" (1990), "Vamp" (1991), "God Aids Us" (1992), "Zaza" (1997),

"Once Upon a Time" (1998), "Chocolate with Pepper" (2004), "Caras & Bocas" (2009), "Alto Astral" (2014) and "Summer 90" (2019), his last work on the carioca station.


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