Day of German unity

Day of German unity:

Jana Hensel, born in Saxony, wants to abolish the day of German unity. For them, the German National Day is no reason to celebrate.

Berlin - "That's not how you describe realities," author Jana Hensel complains about the "Day of German Unity."

The Saxon native desires an abolition of the "Day of German Unity". She had already formulated that last year.

The reasons for their controversial demands are complex and have nothing to do with an aversion to reunified Germany, she says. Day of German Unity, Eastern Germany in focus only on 3 October

Jana Hensel sees the East German life world underrepresented in the media, she explained to Deutschlandfunk.

Apart from the fanfare surrounding the celebration of the "Day of German Unity", East Germany is too rarely the focus of public attention, complains the 43-year-old.

The author made her breakthrough in 2002 with the book "Zonenkinder", which was conducted for over a year on the non-fiction bestseller list of the mirror and sold 350,000 times.

"Last year, I looked at the German Unity Program - you were celebrating in Berlin at the time - and, frankly, it was shocking to be in a good mood,

and then I sat down quite spontaneously and wrote a text, to end this holiday Hensel described the decisive moment for the decision to make her disappointment public in the air.

Specifically, she is bothered by the fact that East Germans enjoy some attention only on 3 October, otherwise, they are not interested in the new federal states and the concerns and needs of their population.

"Unterkomplexe Darstellung": Criticizing the "Day of German Unity"

"I think many of the resentment and perhaps the anger in some parts of society has to do with the fact that one's own life has been so sub-complex over many years, she describes the consequences of this observation.

If, as an East German, you are not celebrating on the "Day of German Unity", you will be denounced directly.

Through this denunciation, "the stereotypes of Besserwessi and Jammerossi" have continued to manifest.

The national holiday helps the Federal Republic by no means to fight the still-lasting separation, but worry in their over-stylization only for further conflict potential.

Therefore, so the opinion of the journalists Jana Hensel, one should simply abolish the holiday at best.


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