Christine Renon

Christine Renon: 

Pierre Mesguiche, director of an elementary school in Romainville, participated in the teachers' rally in front of the departments of National Education in Bobigny.

EDUCATION - "Christine Renon": her name was on everyone's lips. This Thursday, October 3, hundreds of teachers gathered before the direction of the departmental services of Education in Bobigny, Seine-Saint-Denis.

They were demonstrating in reaction to the death of Christine Renon, the director of a nursery school in Pantin, who committed suicide on 23 September in her school.

An act all the more resounding that it was accompanied by a letter, explaining his gesture and his extreme fatigue, transmitted to his hierarchy.

Pierre Mesguiche, director of an elementary school in Romainville in Seine-Saint-Denis has given HuffPost a certain weariness, as you can see in the video at the head of the article.

Thus, he claims to have encountered physical difficulties, which led him to the hospital for a month, because of his excessive exhaustion.

This teacher, who has chosen his profession out of passion, is despairing of the large number of tasks entrusted to the school principals, as well as of the short time that devolves on them.

"We need to be trained in our mission," says Pierre Mesguiche. Two years ago, he received training in Bobigny.

Participants asked to have the documents that accompanied this training. Two years later, they still have not received them, despite the promises. "It lights up enough training directors," he despairs.

In addition to all the pedagogical and security aspects that the function requires, it is also sometimes necessary to manage social aspects,

more complex and that can lead to extreme situations, like the child for whom Pierre Mesguiche had to call the firefighters six times, because of nervous breakdowns and violence.

A specific case that the director had to take in hand with the teacher, the time that the institutions concerned take over, a little late ... because of lack of resources.


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