Boris johnson UK prime minister

Boris johnson UK prime minister:

The lower house has met the request of the British Prime Minister. But whether that is a blessing or a curse must first turn out.

London / Brussels. Following parliamentary approval for an early referendum in the UK, speculation about the Prime Minister's chances of winning the election is well underway.

The House of Commons had passed by law on Tuesday evening a law envisaging an early parliamentary election on December 12th.

The law still has to be approved by the House of Lords, but in this case, that is considered a formality.

Boris johnson news:

According to polls, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's conservatives are well ahead of the opposition Labor party.

But unlike Labor, the Tories have no chance of being supported by another party as a minority government.

It is not to be ruled out that again none of the major parties will have an absolute majority of votes

Johnson hopes for a majority to implement his Brexit agreement negotiated with Brussels and to bring Britain out of the European Union as soon as possible.

But he must expect to lose credentials to the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party (SNP).

The only way out is to chase away the Labor Socialists in their traditional strongholds in the north and west of the country,

Where there are many Brexit supporters from the left. But the Tories compete with the Brexit party of Nigel Farage.

Boris Johnson Brexit - Promises already are broken:

Corbyn should focus his campaign entirely on social issues. Johnson's government cares only for the privileged few, but Labor can make one country for many, the Labor chief said Tuesday night.

Corbyn announced an "ambitious and radical campaign" for real change. Johnson has already broken his most important election pledge:

"Come, whatever," he'd lead the country out of the EU on October 31, he'd announced. He would rather lie "dead in the ditch" instead of requesting an extension of the withdrawal period.

But he could not bring his EU-negotiated Brexit deal through Parliament in time. So, in the end, he had no choice but to send a request for an extension to Brussels, grudgingly.

The Brexit period has been extended by up to three months. It was already the third shift. On Tuesday EU leaders blessed the Brexit postponement officially, as EU Council President Donald Tusk announced via Twitter.

To my British friends - please use this time as best as possible, Tusk wrote on. The EU exit is now to take place on 31 January at the latest.

But it is also more likely if ratification of the exit agreement succeeds first. The decisive factor for Johnson's election success could be whether he manages to blame the opposition for delaying the opposition.

More than three years ago, the British voted in favour of leaving the EU in a referendum by a slim majority in the summer of 2016. (AP)

boris johnson news

Boris johnson parliament Brexit EU:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prevailed. The British House of Commons voted for new elections in December.

Johnson is counting on the Brexit advocates to unite. But he also takes a risk. Should he miss the majority, a second referendum would be inevitable.

In the end, the decision was more than clear: 438 MPs voted for new elections on 12 December and only 20 against.

Several MPs abstained, including the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party. It was they who were in favour of new elections - but they did not agree with the appointment.

Crucially, however, was that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had prevailed in the end. "There is only one way forward that leads to new elections.

We must deliver Brexit against all of Parliament's obstructionist policy. We have to renew it and give people the choice. "

Conservatives are more than ten percentage points ahead of Labor:

Johnson is the favourite in the elections. In the polls, the Conservatives are more than ten percentage points ahead of Labor.

At the very end and after much hesitation, their boss Jeremy Corbyn had agreed to the early elections. Jeremy Corbyn proved to be competitive despite poor poll numbers.

"We will see the biggest election campaign that has ever been held by this party. We are completely united and determined.

We stand for the message of hope that does not exist with this government. "Corbyn is counting on catching up in 2017 in the last few weeks.

Boris johnson parliament Brexit - Labour is divided:

But the party is split, many do not want the new election. Satisfied, however, were not the exact election dates, the small parties, for example, the Scottish National Party.

Ian Blackford, her group leader, hopes for a new momentum for the independence movement in Scotland.

"I am looking forward to the elections. It will also be about the right of Scotland to determine its future. "

"If the UK stays in the EU," conjured Jo Swinson of the Liberal Democrats, "then we can reshape our economy and tackle the technological revolution. That's the message we spend in the elections. "

December 12 - desired date of Johnsons:

The 12th of December, a Thursday, is the desired date of Boris Johnson. He is counting on the votes of the Brexit supporters to unite, while the EU supporters split between Liberal Democrats and Labor.

But the prime minister is also taking a risk. If he misses the absolute majority, it could come back to the hanging section in the lower house.

Labor's Jess Phillips warns, "What are we going to do if there are no clear majorities in Parliament again? What if the house is completely split again, and we can not agree on anything? "

Then a second referendum would be almost inevitable. But the odds are better for an electoral victory by Boris Johnson, who then probably bring Britain out of the EU on January 31st


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