Billie Zöckler

Billie Zöckler is Dead:

"Kir Royal" not only made Baby Schimmerlos famous: As a bold secretary Edda Pfaff also Billie Zöckler played in the hearts of the TV audience. Now she died at the age of 70 years in Munich.

Actress Billie Zöckler, who was mainly known as secretary Edda Pfaff in the TV series "Kir Royal", died at the age of 70 years in Munich.

That reports "picture". Zöckler's sister-in-law Martina Zöckler confirmed to the newspaper: "It's true, Billie is dead. She has been very ill lately and we are deeply disturbed."

Zöckler was one of the most memorable actresses of her generation due to her high voice and small stature - she was 1.54 meters tall.

She was born on 18 January 1949 in Celle. After training at the Munich Procession Theater she played

In the eighties, Zöckler played next to Franz Xaver Kroetz in the TV series "Kir Royal" by director Helmut Dietl.

She played the secretary Edda Pfaff, who liked to flirt with her boss Baby Schimmerlos in low-cut jumpers and mini skirts.

After "Kir Royal", she kept changing between cinema and TV, playing in the turning comedy "Go Trabi Go" as well as in TV series like "Alle my Daughters", "Forsthaus Falkenau" or the "Rosenheimcops".

On television, Zöckler was last seen alongside Uschi Glas and Hannelore Elsner in the movie "Club of the lonely hearts",

In the cinema is currently running the fantasy comedy "Goblin - This is a troll" with her, Ralf Bauer and Katy Karrenbauer.


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