Bachelor in Paradise 2019

Bachelor in Paradise 2019:

Today is the first episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" 2019. Which candidates are in episode one and who had to pack their bags again?

Koh Samui - The first episode of the new season "Bachelor in Paradise" 2019 will start on October 15 - at least on free TV, because on TV Now the episode is already a week before watching.

In episode one of the 22 candidates who will be in the second season "Bachelor in Paradise" will be 14 singles at the start.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 - These single ladies are there:

  1. Christina Grass
  2. Isabell Bernsee
  3. Julia Prokopy
  4. Meike Emonts
  5. Michelle Schellhaas
  6. Nathalie Stommel
  7. Sarah Gehring
  8. Jade Übach

These are the men at Bachelor in Paradise 2019:

Of course, the men are no strangers. But compared to women, men are outnumbered. That's you:

  1. Cornelis Steiner
  2. Eddy Mock
  3. Marco Cerullo
  4. Michi Bauer
  5. Serkan Yavuz
  6. Filip Pavlovic

This means that two candidates have to return home immediately after the first night of the roses. This means that women have to work for men.

A candidate is fatal because she knows one of the "Bachelor in Paradise" candidates and piquant details come to light.

But that will not be the only spicy thing that comes to light in "Bachelor in Paradise", because Rafi will come out!

In turn two, the leaf turns again and the women forgive the roses. If you meet the single ladies and single men, you will see them every Tuesday at 8.15 pm on Free-TV.

Attention! In fact, the flirting show is always on Tuesdays. Thus RTL breaks a tradition. For a better overview, we have created an overview of all broadcast dates of the second season "Bachelor in Paradise 2019".

Two ladies got it after the men were allowed to give the first roses. This was Meike their former affair with Marco to fatal.

She was too focused on him. And even Sarah was not really warm with the men. But next week the tide turned.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 - These candidates are out:

Candidate / in and Age And episode

  • Meike Emonts  - 28 -  episode 1
  • Sarah Gehring -  32 -  episode 1

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 -These candidates are still there

Nominee and Age and involved since?
  • Christina Grass - 32 - episode 1
  • Isabell Bernsee - 28 - episode 1
  • Julia Prokopy - 24 - episode 1
  • Michelle Schellhaas - 24 - episode 1
  • Nathalie Stommel - 30 - episode 1
  • Jade Übach - 25 - episode 1

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 - These candidates are still there

Candidate and Age and involved since?

  • Cornelis Steiner - 31 - episode 1
  • Eddy Mock - 28 - episode 1
  • Marco Cerullo - 30 - episode 1
  • Michi Bauer - 28 - episode 1
  • Serkan Yavuz - 26 - episode 1
  • Filip Pavlovic - 25 -  episode 1

All other important information can be found in our overview of the second season "Bachelor in Paradise" 2019.


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