Amira Aly

Amira Aly - Pregnancy makes dress burst:

Oliver Pocher has participated in 2019 as a candidate in "Let's Dance". Also, part of the RTL show: his pregnant girlfriend Amira Aly,

Who also works as a make-up artist, expects a baby and has been his wife since October. But who is the beautiful Austrian and how did she and Oliver Pocher come together?

Oliver Pocher (41) retired on May 17 at "Let's Dance", but his dances and show appearances, including as Britney Spears and Freddie Mercury, will be remembered for a long time.

Also included was his girlfriend Amira Aly (26) - not as a candidate, but as a make-up artist.

Since 2016 a couple - Oliver Pocher and Amira Aly:

In November 2018, Pocher and his 26-year-old girlfriend made their first public appearance together. However, the two lovers already met in 2016.

On Instagram, the beautiful Austrian, who also works as a model, seldom presents herself to the 15-year-old Oliver Pocher.

Ready to go - Amira Aly does not let Pocher talk her down:

The relationship keeps out Pocher, unlike his marriage with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, largely out of the public.

In an interview with RTL, however, 26-year-old Amira gave little insights into her life with the comedian: "He's very protective, and I'm very grateful and connected to him,

Because he's always been careful that everything fits and that it works I'm fine and that everything is okay on the left and right and that I am satisfied. "

Whether the model with Egyptian roots can prevail against the big mouth of Oliver Pocher? Certainly.

In the RTL interview, she replies to the comment that Oli is a big kid, quick-witted: "... not so big either." Seems like the 26-year-old can hold up well against the 1.70 meters Pocher.

Wedding in October - Amira is the wife of Oliver Pocher:

On October 19, the two are said to have married in the Maldives, reports RTL. Only 13 people are said to have attended the wedding.

Amira Aly

Amira Aly pregnant - Oliver Pocher becomes a father for the fourth time

That's a good thing because soon they have to face a common task. As Aly recently announced on her Instagram account, the couple is expecting a child.

With this, Oliver Pocher becomes a father for the fourth time, his first three children are from a marriage with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden.

Baby ball by Amira Aly causes the dress to burst:

Meanwhile, Amira Aly also has a baby bump. On Instagram, the 26-year-old post a photo of her pregnancy ball.

Apparently, the belly has progressed so far that he makes her green summer dress burst. Aly writes to the picture: "I feel like Hulk"


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