Robert Forster

Robert Forster Is Dead:

Robert Forster became famous with the gangster movie "Jackie Brown": Now the US actor died at the age of 78 years - on the day of the premiere of his last movie.

The American actor Robert Forster is dead. He died Friday in the circle of his family in Los Angeles as a result of a brain tumour.

Forster just died on the day his last movie "El Camino: A 'Breaking Bad' movie" premiered on Netflix.

This appeared six years after Forster had a guest appearance in the TV series "Breaking Bad". There he played the role of Ed, the man who gives Walter White (Bryan Cranston) a new identity.

Bryan Cranston wrote on Twitter about his colleague's death: "I met him during the filming of the movie

'Alligator' 40 years ago and then again at 'Breaking Bad', I'll never forget how nice and generous he is to me as a young actor was just starting in Hollywood, RIP Bob. "

Forster became famous with the gangster movie "Jackie Brown" from the year 1997. For the role in the Tarantino production Forster even received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In addition, Forster was seen in the remake of "Psycho" by Gus Van Sant (1998), in David Lynch's cult film "Mulholland Drive" (2001) and in "Three Angels for Charlie" (2003).


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