actor Ron Ely

Tarzan actor Ron Ely:

He became known as Tarzan and then even shot together with Uschi Glas. Now the US actor's wife and son have lost a death drama in one.

October 17, 12:40 pm Update: As reported by the Police Sheriff's Office at Santa Barbara, an emergency call from Ron Ely's home was dropped at 8:15 pm on Tuesday.

The police initially found the body of his wife Valerie Lundeen Ely, which was covered with puncture wounds.

The suspicion fell on the common son Cameron Ely, 30, whom the police were looking for on the property.

Because Ron Ely's son posed a threat, the police would have had to shoot him. Why the first suspicion fell on the common son, the police did not explain in their report.

Bloody death drama in actor's house - Once he turned glass with Uschi

First notification from October 17, 7:05: Santa Barbara - After a bloody violent crime in the house of the former "Tarzan" actor Ron Ely (81) whose wife and son have been found dead. 

According to police reports in Santa Barbara, California on Wednesday, officials were called the night before by emergency call to the actor's home.

They found Ely's wife Valerie Lundeen Ely (62) stabbed to death. The couple's suspected son, Cameron Ely, was put on the property.

He was a threat and shot dead by the officers, the police said. Ron Ely was not injured in the incident, the CNN reported.

Tarzan actor Ron Ely

Ron Ely: Death drama on Tarzan actor - Terrible suspicion:

Ely became known in the 1960s for his starring role in the TV series "Tarzan". In 1972, together with German actress Uschi Glas, he shot the Italian Western "100 Fists and a Lord's Prayer".

He also starred in the adventure film "Doc Savage - The Man of Bronze" (1975). Later he appeared in TV series like "Fantasy Island" and "Love Boat".

US station KTLA reports on police action after the fact

The neighbours heard the loud shouts of the police. The video shows scenes from the assignment at the house of the Tarzan actor. Eyewitnesses report the shock.

Ely was married since 1984 to Valerie Lundeen, a former beauty queen from Florida. The couple gave birth to three children, two daughters and son Cameron.

In social networks, the sympathy is great. This picture shows the trio in happy days. The fans react with dismay to the drama.

"Condolences to Ron Ely after the death of his wife and son. It is a tragedy that no one should endure. In the US sports world, there is also a death drama. Meanwhile, German TV fans mourn for a deceased actor.

He succumbed to sudden cardiac death. In the Czech Republic, 50,000 followers of Schlager star Karel Gott have said goodbye. And at a funeral in Ireland, there was an incredible surprise.


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