Vodafone Disorder: Server Fault! Vodafone Customers Throughout Germany Report Problems

Vodafone Disorder

Vodafone Disorder:

Due to server problems, Vodafone customers in Germany have been struggling with cable Internet problems since Wednesday afternoon.

Websites could not be loaded, said a company spokesman. Customers affected include those in the regions of Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Chemnitz and Nuremberg.

Engineers of the company were already working on a solution. "We are optimistic that the problem will be resolved later this evening," the spokesman said.

He could not name a reliable date. Customers of telephone, mobile phone, TV and DSL would have no problems, they said.

Vodafone disruption finally fixed:

Up to more than 27,000 error messages have come in at the same time on the page allestoerungen.de last night. The next morning, customers continued to report problems with their Vodafone services.

Update on Thursday, 13:06: Good news proclaims Vodafone on Twitter: "The cable services in the affected places are available again, it says in a tweet.

If it is not already running, unplug the router for 10 minutes and restart it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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