Eric Zemmour

Eric Zemmour:

By choosing Marion Maréchal and Éric Zemmour as billboards, the organizers of the Convention of the Right showed, on Saturday, the path they wanted to follow to unite the rights: hammer a discourse of identity

The tone was quickly given. By asking the polemicist Eric Zemmour - just sentenced by the court for provocation to religious hatred for anti-Muslim remarks - to open their event,

Saturday, September 28, in Paris, the organizers [of Marion Maréchal's relatives] the Convention of the right knew what to expect. The former chronicler of the program "We are not lying" did not disappoint.

Between life together, we must choose, Eric Zemmour launched to the approximately 1,000 people in the room, paraphrasing the theorist of the "great replacement" Renaud Camus.

Deploring that "the Catholic white heterosexual man" has become a target "to be defeated", he felt that the current society was caught between "market universalism and Islamic universalism", "two totalitarianism" representing in his eyes "a new German-Soviet pact".

In France, as in all Europe, all our problems are aggravated by immigration and all our problems aggravated by immigration are aggravated by Islam.

In the public, we drink whey, like Helen and Remi, a couple of activists of the National Rally. "It's good to put your feet in the dish like that," says Rémi, "that's what the right-wing needs,

but Republicans are far too cautious, thanks to this convention, I hope that bridges will be created. because the RN will never come to power alone, we need allies. "

Take back the cultural leadership to win our camp in 2022

A little further, Genevieve, an LR member disappointed by what has become his party for several years is also a fan of Eric Zemmour.

"I came here today for him, no point", she answers, categorical. According to her, the future of the right "will necessarily pass through a union" between its various components.

The union of all rights is the dream of the organizers of this day, three close to Marion Maréchal: Jacques de Guillebon, the editor of the conservative magazine L'Incorrect,

François de Voyer, president from the network of conservative entrepreneurs Cercle Audace, and Erik Tegnér the president of the association Roots of the Future, member of LR.
In the assembly, some figures from the right, like the former Minister of Defense Jacques Chirac, Charles Millon [who had been excluded from the UDF because of its alliance with the FN in the 1998 regional elections], l former MP Alain Marsaud (LR), and MP Xavier Breton.

Our goal is to be able to build a political force that can be a block against Emmanuel Macron," he explains, "we want to create an ecosystem with intellectuals, entrepreneurs, politicians who can take back the cultural leadership. to win our camp in 2022. "

With less than three years of the presidential deadline, the mission promises to be difficult. None of the leaders of the National Rally, the Republicans or Debout France wants to fade for the benefit of another.

Moreover, there are profound differences in economic matters. And for LR, the very question of an alliance with the extreme right is strongly rejected.

Tomorrow, I am deeply convinced, we will be in power

But the challenge does not scare Erik Tegnér, a former presidential candidate for young LR, who would see the Convention right to grow each year to become, in the end, as powerful as the US CPAC, the famous annual meeting of conservatives Americans where Marion Maréchal was invited in 2018.

Marion Maréchal described his camp as that of the "realists" and cited five challenges that have everything of an electoral program: the "great replacement" in reference to the thesis already developed by Éric Zemmour of the supposed replacement of the European and Christian population by an immigrant and Muslim population; the economic "big downgrading" with a nod to yellow vests and middle classes; the "great ecological exhaustion" because the defence of the environment is according to her "a conservatism" and "an identity struggle"; the "great anthropological shift" with the PMA [medically assisted procreation] and the fear of the arrival in France of surrogacy (GPA) [surrogacy]; and the "big clash of international powers".

In the public, many are impatient to see the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen return to the political scene. This Convention of the Right was strongly resembling a campaign rally.

But between identity discourse and rhetoric anti-immigration, for a rally that wants to be with all the right, difficult to see the difference with a simple meeting of the extreme right.

It does not matter to Marion Maréchal. "Tomorrow, I am intimately convinced, we will be in power," she said to her troops.


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