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Dolphin hunting in Japan begins:

Every year, the dolphin hunt in Japan causes protests from animal rights activists.

In the controversial tradition, the fishermen want to use this year a method that avoids scandalous images.

In the bay of Taiji on the western Pacific coast, dolphins are being rounded up again from today.

You are first hit a stick with a barb and then a cork in the wound. So the water should not turn red as before.

According to environmentalists, the animals bleed inside after a minute-long fight. Japan establishes the annual gathering of animals with a long tradition.

In fact, the meat is only eaten by a few Japanese. Rather, a part of the dolphins is still alive brought to China and South Korea and sold there for a lot of money to amusement parks.

11,000 dolphins are allowed to be caught

Figures from the environmental organization Pro Wildlife show that the number of live animals has risen in recent years and that the number of those killed has declined.

The Japanese Fisheries Office has set the catch of dolphins for this year at almost 11,000, per capita hunting may not even ten per cent of them caught.


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