Bella Thorne

Pornstar Bella Thorne:

Short outfits, provocative poses, nacked pics - actress Bella Thorne (21) shows herself in private often very freely.

On Instagram, she publishes photos with joints, alcohol and every inch of naked skin. Bella does not leave out a taboo.

So how fitting that she is now celebrating her porn debut - and even earn a prize directly! But who thinks that Bella herself is in front of the camera, is wrong.

In her latest project, Bella appeared as a director - with success. For her porn movie, "Him & Her" the actress will be awarded a prize at the "2nd Annual Pornhub Awards Show" next month.

The betrayed a "Pornhub" boss now in advance against the celebrity news portal "TMZ".

In Bella's debut film will be the American porn stars "Abella Danger" (23) and "Small Hands" to see.

Interestingly, the pornography also contains the songs of Bella's ex-boyfriend and musician Mod Sun (32).

The couple parted in the spring of 2019 - Apparently, the film was already turned off at this time.

Bella's first film is part of the "Pornhub Visionaries Director's Series", in which debut films by guest directors are shown.

However, it was first aired at the Oldenburg Film Festival this year.


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