Air France Air France flight 447 plane crash: Crash of Flight AF447 Procedure for Air France disaster set with 228 dead.

Air France Air France flight 447 plane crash:

Ten years ago, an Air France aircraft crashed in front of Brazil. All people on board died, including 28 Germans. French justice is no longer against Airbus and the airline.

Long was the cause of the crash of Air France flight 447 unclear. Only in May 2011 could corpses and the flight data recorder from about 4000 meters depth be recovered.

Meanwhile, it is clear that among other icy sensors were partly responsible for the disaster. Nevertheless, the crash with 228 dead just over ten years ago remains without legal consequences.

The proceedings against Air France and the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has now been discontinued.

The accident is explained by the unprecedented coming together of several circumstances, French investigators said.

Survivors reacted outraged. An association of relatives of the victims wanted to appeal against the order of the investigating judge, announced the lawyer of the group, Alain Jakubowicz.

The dispute over pilot training:

On June 1, 2009, the Air France plane hit a heavy thunderstorm on the way from Rio de Janeiro to Paris and disappeared from the radar screens.

The Airbus crashed 650 kilometres from the island of Fernando de Noronha away in the Atlantic. Among the victims were also 28 Germans.

With their current ruling, the investigating magistrates are challenging the prosecution, which recently announced its intention to bring Air France to justice for gross negligence.

The investigators had accused the airline, according to previous information, among other things, not to have sufficiently trained the pilots of the Airbus A330.


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