war of Gods

War Of Gods:

Theseus in "War of the Gods", Superman in the DCEU and in the future also the witch Geralt in "The Witcher" by Netflix: Henry Cavill's roles require a physical form that requires him an ironic training.

The Fantasy Battle Plate "War of the Gods" impresses not only with their unimaginably based on "300" staged production megalomania but also with Henry Cavill's steeled body,

whose defined muscle mass is caressed by the camera everywhere. The Brit was mischievous as a child and even had the nickname "Fat Cavill".

While many of his comrades in the film had imprinted impressive muscular forms in their breastplates,

but hid a "normal actor body" underneath, the actor refused to deceive the audience and started training that did not stop until today, and thus the starting point for more physical sophisticated roles.


When he wanted to paint the contours of an "eight-pack" on the torso for "War of the Gods" as a matter of course, he refused: His pride commanded him to have the well-toned body of his character Theseus himself.

According to his co-star Mickey Rourke ("Iron Man 2"), Cavill completed no less than 1000 push-ups every day before he ever came to the camera. Overall, he trained eight hours a day, five days a week.

And it was long unclear whether the film - and thus Cavill's coach - would be financed at all. However, that did not stop him from paying his six-month training out of his own pocket.


In "Man of Steel" (as well as the quasi-sequels "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Justice League") it was also to prove that among the muscle forms of Superman's suit is actually a matching adonis body.

Again, he refused muscle supplements and any CGI tutoring and reduced his body fat percentage by a disciplined workout even on the state of a bodybuilder to the competition phase. 

He poured five protein shakes of 1000 calories daily and created a muscle mass worthy of a Superman.

As Clark Kent, he had to wear correspondingly wide and multi-layered clothing in order to be able to perish undetected in the crowd with his extraordinary physique. 

Unlike Mickey Rourke, Russell Crowe, who was Superman's father, was said to be jealous of Cavill's physique. 

After the last scenes without a shirt were turned off for him, director Zack Snyder gave him ice cream and pizza.


It may have been, among other Cavill's from the beginning developed physical performance and his athletic construction, which finally recommended him for the role of the sorcerer Geralt of Riva at the end of 2019 starting Netflix series "The Witcher".

And so he did not take it easy in the preparations for the first eight episodes of the book adaptation. Via Instagram he lets the world participate in his training.


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