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At Wacken 2019, the weather is causing trouble early on. In addition to the announced rain, there was another bad weather shortly before the start - and an evacuation.

Wacken Open Air 2019 - "W: O: A" had to be temporarily evacuated on Wednesday. The heavy metal festival is the most important meeting place for metal fans from all over the world

Wacken 2019: New severe weather warning "Warning Level Red"

Heavy metal fans, the weather at the Wacken Open Air 2019 probably does not really matter. However, just at the beginning of the legendary festival on Wednesday, there was a threatening bad weather warning.

On Friday, the Metalheads have to get ready for bad weather. Currently, there is a weather warning for Wacken. "Warning level red possible," warns weather portal unwetterzentrale.de. Local strong showers and thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and stormy gusts are possible, according to the weather experts.

The weather warning for Wacken is currently on Friday (2 August) from 11 to midnight. Also, wetter.de has issued a weather forecast: "Heavy thunderstorms, partly with storm gusts, heavy rain, hail and/or many lightning possible".

 Less pessimistic is the duration of this weather forecast. According to forecasts of the weather experts, the storm would be over by 21 clocks.

The German Weather Service warns in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg on Thursday before individual thunderstorms in the region. During the Friday morning from thunderstorms and storms.

Heavy rains up to 3 litres per square meter can fall in a short time. In addition, hail and storm gusts of up to 80 km / h are to be expected.

 "Keep the holy ground clean!" Tweets the team of Wacken Open Air. The organizers appeal to the festival visitors to leave their campsites clean on departure on Sunday.

"Dear Metalheads, so that we can also celebrate the next 30 festivals on (mostly) green meadows, we need your help." Can be read on the Wacken website. There you will also find further information where the festival fans get rid of their full garbage bags.

On the way to Wacken it is currently jamming, informs the police via Twitter. The camping areas were also fully utilized. The infield would be open today.

During the Wacken Festival 2019, the police posted Steinburg and Dithmarschen on their Facebook page. More than 200 task forces are on site. In addition, the first time a police drone is flying over the entire camping and festival area.

Update from 1 August

The storm evacuation has caused a stir. But otherwise Wacken runs according to the police so far quite calm. "The number of crimes the police have registered so far is still very low," it said Thursday morning. There were some thefts from tents.

Wacken 2019: British woman attacked at the campsite

But there was a more drastic incident: around midnight, according to police, an attack on a British woman took place on a campsite. The 26-year-old claimed to have been approached by an unknown male person.

The visitor has contracted visible scratch marks on her arm and hand. The woman could not give any indication of the perpetrator, the officials made a criminal complaint.

Evacuation at Wacken: Organizers cleared terrain due to bad weather

 Weather is on the "Wacken Open Air" never really an issue. It is actually part of the cult heavy metal festival in Schleswig-Holstein. Thursday continues on the festival grounds.


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