VfL Bochum

VfL Bochum:

At VfL Bochum, adventurous events occur. The team has successfully seized power in the half-time break. A player describes the processes. Coach Robin Dutt is now facing the end.

Robin Dutt has announced his retirement as coach at VfL Bochum. It is to be expected that he will perform this Sunday.

When looking at the table, you can conclude that something is wrong. Bochum and a 0: 3 deficit in the last minute but still managed to equalize.

However, the VfL is without victory and only two points after four matchdays in the account. After the first half, there had been fierce fan protests against the VfL professionals.

We should have a fundamental exchange, especially about my position, said Dutt loud "Reviersport" during the press conference.

If my team performs as in the first half, sometimes really bad, then we have made false estimates. Goalkeeper Riemann's interview undermines Dutt's authority

That should be him. Because after the presentation of his goalkeeper, he has lost the backing. It should have come in the half-time break in secret to a revolt against the tactics of the coach.

Bochum goalkeeper Manuel Riemann made his toast to air in conversation with broadcaster Sky. Everything should be on the table this Sunday.

Riemann said he and VfL Captain Anthony Losilla had set the route for the second half. "We got together again after the break on the pitch, said Riemann. That was successful but undermined the authority of the coach completely.

Dutt said probably because of that, he thinks of resignation and wants to talk on Sunday with sporting director Sebastian Schindzielorz about his future.

He wanted to go his own way, said the 54-year-old. I do not have to wait until everyone goes to the barricades. The year 2019, he conceded, "runs out of round".

Schindzielorz told the "Reviersport": We want to sit together on Sunday and then look further. Robin and I have had a very good relationship for 18 months. "

According to VfL information, Dutt and Schindzielorz took place on Sunday morning. Then Dutt the training of the reservists but then disappeared first without a word in the cabin.


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