Simone Biles

Gymnast Simone Biles Is The First Time Triple-Double:

Simone Biles is the first gymnast to succeed in doing a double saloon with a triple screw on the floor - the exercise could be named after her. Apparently, there is no possibility for Simone Biles.

The 22-year-old World Gymnastics Champion has shown an impressive show at the US Championships in Kansas City. 

She was the first woman in the world to stand on the floor with a double thrust double backwards with a triple screw - and with that, she astonished the audience.

"I wanted to see what that looks like," said Biles, who put on a contented smile right after the landing and continued the rest of her extremely difficult practice on Sunday with lightness as if she were hovering over the gym. 

Not only gymnastic people need to look at the flight on the internet in slow motion to count the number of rotations can.

While the spectators first caught their breath, before bursting into thunderous applause, Biles remained calm after her hussar piece. 

"It's not as good as sometimes in training," she said self-critically, after putting a thin soft-bottomed mat on the ground for the coaches to minimize the risk of injury.

 "I am happy that I landed on my feet because my self-confidence had suffered a bit. After the failed attempt on Friday, she was "really worried" if it worked.

It worked, and how! The German head coach Ulla Koch was fascinated. "That's totally spectacular, almost impossible.

The special thing about her is the unusual physical abilities, her incredible bounce and her enormous sense of movement, "said the 64-year-old. 

Biles had an extremely quick mind, which made long methodical ranks unnecessary for learning new elements. "Everything comes together, what you want with a gymnast."

"She does things that I never thought humans could do," said one competitor

Of course, US coach Tom Forster also enthused: "This is a huge thing. No one has ever done that to women before, and she does it better than most men. "Even Biles' rivals are full of praise. 

"She does things that I never thought people could do," said 16-year-old Sunisa Lee, who finished second behind Biles in the all-around competition. And MyKayla Skinner blurted, "She's a damned beast."

Only when Biles turns this "Triple-Double" element, which showed her on the first track of her already extremely difficult ground exercise, also at the World Championships in Stuttgart (4th to 13th October), will it in the future World Association Fig also get their name. Presumably as "Biles-somersault" in the annals.

Biles won with 29.40 points (at the US Championships two exercises in the classification) not only superior to the title on the ground but took after Clara Schroth (1945-1952) as the second gymnast the sixth US title in the all-around. 

With 118.50 points she won after two complete four fights clearly ahead of Lee (113.55) and Grace McCallum (111.85) the gold medal. 

In addition, Biles also secured the victories at the balance beam and the jump.


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