Prime Minister Salvini

Prime Minister Salvini :

The joy is great: Italy's Social Democrats and the Five Stars agree on a coalition and thus prevent a Prime Minister Salvini.

But it takes a concept for Italy's big problems. Otherwise, the alliance is just a transitional government.

A "government of the turn" want to raise five-star movement and social democrats (PD) in Italy, even the "profile of Italian politics change".

The two parties announced yesterday, Wednesday, after long and tough negotiations to form a coalition.
What they have done - at least for the time being - to prevent quick new elections, which would probably have lifted the previous interior minister Matteo Salvini into the highest government office.

But the leader of the right-wing populist Lega, who had renounced the coalition with the Five Stars, could still be the laughing third.

For the new government is now waiting for the troubles of the plane - and they have it all. Italy's immense public debt, the budget dispute with Brussels, the high level of youth unemployment,

and last but not least, how refugees are treated: these are just some of the issues that the government must tackle. It will not be easy.

Especially since the cooperation between the Five Stars and Social Democratic PD is anything but easy.

Two parties that have mutilated each other badly, want to govern together - because they have a common opponent.

Is that enough for a stable coalition? There is scepticism appropriate. They need a common goal and an idea of ​​how Italy can be led out of the crisis.

So far both are missing. Especially since both sides have agreed on a coalition and a premier - the non-party, former incumbent Giuseppe Conte - but content issues are still unclear.

The EU is also challenged:

Even with the compilation of the government team, there could be a new dispute. And the planned vote of the star party base on the new alliance is still pending, with an uncertain outcome.

The movement has done little in the previous coalition with the Lega. Whether this changes with the new government partner?

The ability to govern constructively must be demonstrated by the populist civic movement. This includes working with the EU. For these are the stars so far sceptical?

After all: The negotiations with Brussels should be easier if the tone is tempered. "Let's put an end to the time of hatred, resentment, arrogance, selfishness,

" PD chief Nicola Zingaretti said, referring to the populist failures of Salvini, who rioted against Brussels and Berlin, refugees and political opponents.

A restrained Italian government could hope for more accommodation from the EU. But the states of the European Union are also required not to leave Italy alone with its problems, from the admission of refugees to the fight against unemployment.

Because this government fails in the first months, it still comes to new elections. Then Salvini could be the big winner. Although his legal sagged in the polls last.

But in the opposition, the party leader can hang around unchecked. The new, shaky coalition should be his preferred target.


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