Richard Tyler Blevins and his wife Jessica Blevins:

Ninja - Fortnite professional and influencer Richard Tyler Blevins joins Microsoft from Twitch to Mixer.

Featured here are Richard Tyler Blevins and his wife Jessica Blevins at the ESPY Awards, presented by Capital One at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on July 10, 2019.

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins reached more viewers on Mixer right at the start than Twitch did. The Fortnite professional and influencer moved to the video streaming platform Mixer in early August, after Microsoft won him over.


Fortnite professional Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has achieved about 650,000 subscriptions with his channel on the mixer. This gives the Fortnite professional directly more viewers than at Twitch times.

Ninja lays out a successful start to Mixer:

In early August, Ninja moved to Mixer, after Microsoft had managed to win him for the purchased video streaming platform. In his six-hour stream watched the Fortnite professional about 65,000 users. Ninja reached around 20,000 more viewers on Mixer than on Twitch.

Ninja streams on blender: Microsoft benefits

With this successful debut, the change from Ninja from Twitch to Mixer should have been worthwhile - not least for Microsoft.

For Tyler Blevins, of course, the bill goes on. Of course, more range is also beneficial for the influencer. However, he also took a certain risk with the change. Because the mixer is so far not known for its long-range.

Mixer ranked fourth with Twiper (72.2 per cent), Youtube (19.5 per cent) and Facebook Gaming (5.3), according to the study by Stream Elements. With Ninja on the way, Mixer's future could move more towards growth.

What sum Microsoft has offered the successful streamer Ninja is unclear. There are speculations about amounts in the double-digit million range on the internet. Even if nothing is confirmed, the sum sounds at least realistic.

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Microsoft buys Ninja: The Fortnite professional switches from Twitch to Mixer
Microsoft has managed to lure the Fortnite professional Ninja from Twitch and win for their own video platform mixer.

Since Mixer was bought by Microsoft in 2016, the video platform is quite intensively integrated into the online system of the Xbox One. Although Mixer is purely technically considered competitive for Twitch, so far, the audience is missing.

With the top gamer and influencer, Ninja Microsoft hopes now for a bigger piece of cake of streaming platforms for games. According to Stream Elements, Mixer is currently in fourth place behind Facebook Gaming with a 3 per cent market share. This could change soon with Ninja.

Why is Ninja switching from Twitch to Mixer?

But what has Ninja of the change? Although so far no exact sum has been mentioned. But one can assume that Microsoft must have been worth the exclusive rights of the largest streamer in the world, which has several thousand spectators every day.

Two teenagers win Fortnite World Cup - and three million dollars

Also, do not forget which video game Ninja started with. Today, the Fortnite professional has specialized almost exclusively on the third-person shooter from Epic Games. His career as an athlete and influencer, he originally began with the transfer of Halo.

Ninja leaves Twitch: On Twitter, he holds a staged press conference about switching to Mixer
At a not-so-serious and staged press conference on his Twitter channel, Ninja himself speaks of a good chance to return to his roots and to remember why he originally fell in love with streaming.

Who is a ninja?

Ninja, the one with the blue hair? No, not Rezo, the other one. Even those who do not know Ninja should have heard so far, with what Richard Tyler Blevins, so his real name, earned his money and what he is known for.

The American with Welsh roots was born near Detroit in 1991 and started playing professional Halo 3 in 2009. Two years later, Blevins began to broadcast his gambling live.

Under the pseudonym "Ninja" and thanks to the Battle Royale shooter Fortnite, his audience grew rapidly. The number of its followers is in the double-digit million range - whether on Youtube, Twitch or future mixer.

And that's another story again. Whether the change pays off for the game streamer in the long term remains to be seen.


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