Muriel Baumeister

Muriel Baumeister:

Muriel Baumeister drunk an accident two years ago. At the time, her eleven-year-old daughter is sitting in the car.

For the actress, it's the point where she decides to finally change something. Now she is publishing a book about this difficult time.

Muriel Baumeister has 1.45 per mill alcohol in her blood when she first rams a guardrail and then a parked bicycle in October 2016. 

In the car sits next to her then eleven-year-old daughter Frieda. Baumeister is fortunate that nobody was seriously harmed by the accident. Now she's been writing a book after that time.

1600 euros fine, nine months driving license withdrawal - these were the legal consequences of Baumeister alcoholic drink.

But for her life, this accident had a much greater impact. Everything changed. "Falling is no shame, just lying down" is the title of the 47-year-old biography published in November, and she confesses that she had a long history of alcohol problems.

"The book tells my story, close and honest," says Baumeister to the "Bild" newspaper. "And yes, the readers learn how I can handle my patchwork family and how I have won the hardest fight of my life - the one against alcohol."

I live without alcohol:

Baumeister says she had to stabilize, which cost a lot of energy. She does that especially for her children Linus, Frieda and the four-year-old Ava, with whose father, director Marcus Ulbricht, she is together.

Only after stabilization did she start working again. "I have been back in business for a year and a half since,

I did not drink a drink since the accident, I live without alcohol, completely without, not even a glass in between, but nothing, I also cook completely without alcohol."

She has no problem with others drinking before her, adds Baumeister. Only the first three months she was such situations out of the way, but now she does not care. 

"Sobering is just better," she says. or almost two years, I'm going to sleep no later than half-past nine in the morning, half past six and BÄM, I'm awake, then the day is my friend, it feels good.

 Just having to constantly explain to others why she does not drink makes her hard. 

Funny is when people pretend that they do not know what happened back then, but I can laugh very well about myself and I do that a lot.


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