Munich Airport

Chaos at Munich Airport:

At the airport in Munich, there was an incident: Parts of both terminals had to be evacuated. Around 200 flights were cancelled. The trigger was a young Spaniard.

After the chaos at the Munich airport, the operation started normally again on Wednesday morning. 

"We currently have no cancellations - since 5:00 clock, everything is back as planned," said a spokesman for the airport in the morning.

There are also no delays because of the incident. Due to the high number of cancelled takeoffs and landings on Tuesday, it is now automatically back to normal operation.

Around 1,000 Lufthansa passengers had been quartered overnight in hotels. It affected a total of 14 000 travellers. Around 200 of the 120 connections had failed the previous day.

Munich Airport: Location is normalizing:

The situation at Munich Airport is slowly normalizing after the terminal block on Tuesday.

For four hours the check-in had to be stopped. 25,000 travellers were affected. There is currently no impact on flight operations on Wednesday. 

However, whether all stranded passengers can continue today, will show.

From the airport chaos on Tuesday in Munich were particularly affected passengers of Lufthansa - more than 100 of the approximately 200 cancelled flights went to the account of the fleet.

The company responded to the circumstances and offered within Germany travellers the conversion of the flight into a train ticket. In addition, Lufthansa has booked 1200 beds in hotels in the area for such emergencies - the hotel costs will be reimbursed.

Clearance at Munich Airport 190 flights had to be cancelled. As it has now become known, the man who triggered the alarm at Munich Airport is a 21-year-old Spanish student. He had gone to the toilet after landing his flight from Bangkok.

When he returned, he had lost the stream of visitors. Then, unknowingly, that was forbidden, he opened the emergency door, triggering the alarm.

Due to the consequences of his actions, the young man now has to face criminal consequences. Meanwhile, the number of cancelled flights has increased to 190.

As reported by the Federal Police, the number of flights that had to be cancelled at Munich Airport on Tuesday due to the temporary evacuation of Terminal 2 has increased to 130.

The passengers are informed by loudspeaker. Due to the warm temperatures, they are also supplied free of charge with sufficient water.

The whole day must be reckoned with further restrictions in normal operation. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flights with the respective airline.

As BR24 reports, the man who caused the tumult is supposed to be a young Spaniard. he had entered the security area through an emergency exit door. Currently, he is questioned by the police.

Clearance at Munich Airport: Apparently young Spaniard triggers the alarm

According to police, he is said to have come from Bangkok and had wanted to continue his flight to Madrid. He opened the emergency exit door to the security area at the push of a button.

In these, you may only after the security check. Since he came from a so-called "non-safe third country" - that means a country that is not controlled to European standards - he would have had to go through another security check between the two flights.

According to the BR, the young man should be very shocked by the consequences of his mistake. Whether he faces consequences, is still unknown.

However, it can not be ruled out that recourse claims by the airport or the airlines will be made to him.

Because of the eviction at Munich Airport, more than 50 takeoffs and landings have been cancelled. On the other hand, the number of delayed machines is limited, said an airport spokesman.

Overall, there were planned on Tuesday about 1200 takeoffs and landings. On average, 120,000 passengers were travelling on the second largest airport in Germany on such a day. Of the cancelled flights, around 7500 passengers are likely to be affected.


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