MotoGP Silverstone:

Valentino Rossi took Marc Marquez to pole position in MotoGP qualifying. Annoying for the Yamaha star, but he lacked alternatives. - Silverstone's MotoGP qualifying was a real treat. Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Jack Miller fought a tactical battle and in the end, separated only by a few meters on the track, the pole position among themselves.

Marquez had the best finish, Rossi took P2, Miller starts from third.

But how did it come to this showdown? Marquez was already well placed after the first of two runs in Q2, as was Miller.

They were on the ranks two and three. Rossi, however, had miscarried the first run, was classified only on P11.

The Yamaha rider had to accelerate in the second attempt, while Marquez and Miller could wait.

The trio left, almost simultaneously, in the order Miller-Marquez-Rossi the box. Rossi initially tried everything to be able to make alone round but gave up hope soon.

"When I saw that Marc was there, I quickly realized what was going to happen - he already had a quick lap, so he would not have driven ahead - he would have waited for dinner until dinner."

Rossi has to deliver:

Rossi recognized the situation and sat in front of Marquez and Miller at the head of the group, which crossed the finish line just in time for a final attack.

Rossis time of 1: 58.596 minutes meant the provisional pole position, but only for a few seconds. Because then Marquez was again 0,428 seconds faster.

It was my only chance, so I just tried it and fortunately, I made a great lap, which I am very satisfied with.

Marquez made no secret that he did not want to go ahead. "When I saw that I was pulling so many strong riders behind me, I did not care about the pole position,

I just wanted to get in the front row, I knew Jack and Vale would beat me if they followed me I waited because I knew someone had to push, I did not have to,

because I already had a good lap and in the end, it was the perfect strategy to get the pole position.

Miller, in turn, focused primarily on Marquez. "Marc always wants to be on the pole, he does not want to be second, I knew he would do a quick lap,

so I waited and then hitched to his rear end, having Marc as a reference helped a lot" Miller admitted.


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