Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is Pregnant:

Baby number three is on the way. Gorgeous Baby News by Milla Jovovich (43): The "Resident Evil" actress is pregnant again, but her traumatic miscarriage 2 years ago has left her mark.

Milla was worried about her age and miscarriage in 2017:

The 43-year-old is very worried: "When I learned that I was pregnant 13 weeks ago, I had mixed feelings of complete joy and utter horror, because of my age and the loss of my last pregnancy, I did not want to rush too fast to bind to this potential baby, "she writes.

The former model had had an abortion two years ago for medical reasons. A traumatic experience, from which they still get nightmares.

Even the baby's gender was announced by Milla:

Jovovich's husband, film director Paul Anderson (54), have two girls in common: Ever Gabo Anderson (11) and four-year-old Dashiel Edan Anderson.

The ladies get support in their team because this time it will be a girl, as Milla reveals.


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