Metallica Munichen

Metallica Munichen:

Those who could not get hold of a ticket for the Metallica concert in the Olympic Stadium have the opportunity to listen to the concert for free.

70,000 fans are expected in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. 

The appearance of Metallica is the penultimate of their "WorldWiredTour" through Europe.

After another concert in Mannheim, James Hetfield and Metallica return to the USA.

Admission and Vorbands to the Olympic city:

Admission to the Olympic Stadium is already at 4 p.m., from 17.45 o'clock play the gangs Ghost and Bokassa on the stage, before it becomes loud and hearty at 20.15 o'clock with Metallica.

Directions to the stadium:

Quite stress-free you come with public transport to the Olympic Stadium.

At noon, the U3 is scheduled to run every five minutes.

But it is also with the U1 to Gern station and from there a few minutes walk.


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