Matrix 4

Matrix 4 Movie Announced:

Hardly any role is associated with Keanu Reeves as the Neo in the "Matrix" films. Now there should be a fourth part of the series - with Reeves, but also with some uncertainties. 

Most recently, Keanu Reeves starred in the role of Neo in  The Matrix Revolutions in 2003. Now the futuristic action series with the now 54-year-old Reeves is to be continued in the lead role with a fourth film, 

As the production company, Warner Bros announced. Carrie-Anne Moss, 52, who played the role of Trinity, will also be back. 

Besides, Lana Wachowski returns as a director, author and producer, who made along with her sister Lilly (formerly Larry and Andy Wachowski), the three predecessor films. 

Whether Hugo Weaving will be back as Agent Smith and Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus is not known yet.

The science-fiction thriller "The Matrix" was a milestone in cinema art in 1999, with stunning kung-fu scenes and sophisticated special effects, the viewing habits of the audience turned on its head. 

Reeves personified the thoughtful kickboxing fighter and hacker Neo, who is supposed to use superhuman powers to save mankind enslaved by machines. 

The green character cascades of the matrix code also became famous. The figure of the Trinity, dressed in a latex suit, fought policemen and stayed in the air for two seconds before taking the decisive blow.

In 2020, the shooting should begin. About an exact shooting start date and the plot of "Matrix 4" has been officially reported anything.


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