Luke Mockridge

Luke Mockridge:

The best atmosphere at the "TV Garden" on ZDF. Presenter Andrea Kiewel and her guests celebrate the motto "Festival Summer" - until the appearance of comedian Luke Mockridge. He makes Kiwi angry.

"The 'Fernsehgarten' editorial admires him like crazy. Welcome, Luke Mockridge," Andrea Kiewel announced to the young comedian. 

The audience in the "ZDF television garden" cheered and applauded. But his appearance directly caused outrage. 

Jokes about old people, generally old jokes, a phone call with a banana, sexist slogans and the imitation of a monkey: It did not take long before the first boos could be heard.

Andrea "Kiwi" Kiewel finally broke off the appearance, whereupon Luke Mockridge said goodbye. After a music act, the presenter once again commented on what had just happened. 

The 54-year-old was visibly disappointed, saying that Mockridge had not come to rehearsals in the morning - apparently aware that she had never experienced anything like this in the 19 years she hosted the "TV Garden".

The worst behaviour among artists

Kiwi also made it clear: "This show, my dear colleague Mockridge, has been around for 33 years and has been very successful, 

So that a young artist dares to jump around on my stage in front of my audience like a monkey for whatever reason I mean the worst way to behave, what's going on among artists, among colleagues, Shame on you, Luke Mockridge, never ever again. 

"The action of Luke Mockridge is also on the Twitter theme. Some users suspect that he acted on behalf of Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who in the past have at least introduced a Ryan Gosling double at the Golden Camera Awards. 

Even a bet many consider possible. After all, Luke even said - as he made pups sounds with his hand under the armpit - "I have to do that until you laugh."

Mixed reactions - ZDF takes itself on the arm

Someone else says, "Heard for the first time today from Luke Mockridge and glad to have no TV for twelve years.

" Also read: "Great Cinema, Thank you, Stefan Raab could not have done better, do not act like that, 'TV Garden'." Mixed reactions in the network, a unique one at Andrea Kiewel.

Incidentally, the station takes it with humour and on its own. "To all 'Fernsehgarten' viewers: Unfortunately, we forgot to record the playback of Luke Mockridge," is on the ZDF Twitter account to read. Behind it a winking smiley.


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