Children's World Recklinghausen:

In Recklinghausen, the fire department is disengaged because of a burning indoor playground to a large-scale operation. A widely visible cloud of smoke swept the city.

She was also seen from Herne and Bochum. There were also reports from Herten or Witten. The forces were alerted on Thursday around 11 o'clock.

When they arrived, the hall was already in full blaze. According to police, the indoor playground is located on the elevated road.

There is the "Children's World". Even surrounding streets were closed. The population was also alerted about the warning app, Nina.

Residents, especially in the districts Hochlarmark, Süd and Grullbad were asked to keep windows and doors closed.

Similar warnings were also issued in neighbouring cities. Photos of the conflagration were also quickly spread and shared in social media.

From the air, the entire extent of the damage can be seen. The hall has collapsed in large parts. The building has partially collapsed.

In addition to the fire brigades from Recklinghausen, Herten and Castrop-Rauxel also force from Herne were on site. In total, around 120 firefighters fought the flames.

According to the district of Recklinghausen, the fire could lead to "odour nuisance and soot particle precipitation reaching to Oer-Erkenschwick". The fire department, therefore, carries out measurements.

The NRW Ministry of Environment and Consumption initially advised against eating fruit and vegetables from the field in this area until it was clear which substances were released. Skin contact with the particles should also be avoided.

Fire with the cloud of smoke moves over Recklinghausen:

The fire department was initially disengaged with four fire engines. As the district of Recklinghausen announced about an hour after the outbreak of the fire, there has been no serious injury to the fire, according to the fire department.

A resident should have visited a hospital with respiratory problems. But she was able to leave quickly. A fireman probably injured himself easily.

During the summer holidays, the "Kinderwelt" opens at 10 o'clock in the morning. Also on Thursday was there and in an adjacent game room apparently initially regular operation.

The staff and the visitors, at that time two families, according to fire department information a total of 15 people, we're able to save themselves in time outside.

We market had to close during the fire department deployment. As a precaution, the forces evacuated homes in the immediate area.

Also, a Rewe supermarket nearby had to close because of the fire. At 1.45 pm, a spokeswoman for the district of Recklinghausen was able to announce that the fire was at least under control.

At 15 o'clock it was said that the extinguishing work should probably last at least until 20 o'clock. Parts of the hall complex had the fire brigade tear down with excavators to be able to detect and extinguish glowing nests.

On the building was also a liquefied gas tank, which had to be emptied in a controlled manner. According to the fire department, the fire had fought the fire with five turntable ladders, several water cannons and fire extinguishers.

Around 4 pm, the district administration announced that the air measurements had not revealed any "abnormalities".

Corresponding warnings were withdrawn accordingly. The soot particles should be examined more closely in the coming days to exclude possible harmful effects on the environment.

Perhaps the fire could spread quickly because the ceiling of the hall was supported by wooden beams. This was confirmed by a police spokeswoman.

The cause of the fire is still unclear. It is also unclear when police investigators can enter the scene of the fire. According to the spokeswoman, damage in the millions is expected. During the fire, a police helicopter circled over the fire.

"Kinderwelt" was opened ten years ago:

The playground "Kinderwelt" was opened ten years ago and popular among visitors for birthday parties.

 The play equipment includes, for example, a climbing tower, a bouncy castle, several slides and an 18-hole miniature golf course.

According to own data, the indoor playground extends to 4500 square meters. Besides, here is an outdoor area with another 1500 square meters.

This summer there have already been several major fires in the Ruhr area, where the smoke was seen from far away.

At the end of July, a carpet of mountains was burning in northern Essen, where a cloud of smoke swept across the industrial area.

In Bochum-Langendreer burned two days later, a composting plant. The cloud of smoke could be seen in several Ruhrgebiet cities.


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