Joey Heindle

Joey Heindle:

After the camping trip, it's on the ice Joey Hindle (26) narrowly missed out on the win and the big prize for "Celebrity Big Brother", but a little consolation is still there for the former Jungle King.

At the final, it was announced that for the DSDS star soon the next big TV project starts. He will join Joey Heindle in the upcoming season of Dancing On Ice.

Joey Heindle made 2nd place at "Celebrity Big Brother"

Joey Heindle succeeds after two weeks of exhausting celebrity holiday camp with a total of 46.8 per cent of the vote, 

After all, in second place 2nd With his sensitive and open nature, he had made popular with the public.

But in the end, Janine Pink was able to collect the 100,000 euro premium with 53.2 per cent of the audience votes as the winner of the season.

In the final, however, moderators Jochen Schropp (40) and Marlene Laufen (48) announced that Heindle and his partner, the Swiss ice skater Ramona Elsener, will participate in the second season of "Dancing On Ice".

The two met in 2018 in rehearsals for the first season of figure skating show know, but after injury, Joey, unfortunately, had to get off.

The two then got to know each other better through various events, as Ramona Kurzem revealed in the live interview. And at some point it sparked.

Since December 20118, the two are a couple. And now they will soon be together on the ice - how romantic!


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