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Again Stir About HSV Professional Jatta:

The case of Bakery Jatta is picking up speed. According to information from the "Sport Bild" has the 1. FC Nuremberg before the negotiations on the objection to the game evaluation of the match against HSV named a key witness who could testify now before the DFB Arbitration Court against the Gambians.

The case Bakery Jatta continues to overshadow the season of the 2nd Bundesliga:

After the 2: 4 defeat against Hamburger SV put after the first FC Nuremberg and VfL Bochum and the Karlsruher SC objection to the game evaluation.

The key question: Is HSV-professional Bakery Jatta legal in Germany or has he faked his identity for entry?

This accusation has been in the room since Sport Bild published a report a few weeks ago. In it, the Gambian is accused of actually being called Bakary Daffeh and about two years older.

While the HSV vehemently denies these allegations and has made a clear commitment to Bakery Jatta, the 1. FC Nuremberg is now willing to submit their evidence before the DFB, according to Sport Bild.

Although the FCN denied to the Hamburger Morgenpost that the "club" has sent an employee for research purposes to the Gambia.

Nevertheless, the club after his objection after the second division game against HSV (0: 4) has become active. 50 former players of Hamburger SV - and what became of them.

Seydou Sané: The star witness of 1. FC Nuremberg could weigh heavily on Jatta

Accordingly, the club has named the DFB a star witness, which should weigh heavily on Jatta. It should be Seydou Sané.

The 54-year-old is president of the Senegalese first division club Casa Sports, where Bakary Daffeh played in 2014 and 2015.

Sané can present evidence that it is at Bakery Jatta, who fled from the Gambia in 2015 to Germany and has been playing at HSV since 2016 to handle Bakary Daffeh.

The responsible judge of the DFB, Hans E. Lorenz, would like to hear the witness according to sports image in the negotiations over the objection of the Nürnberger.

The negotiations are scheduled for the end of September. Subsequently, judgments are also planned on the appeals of Bochum and Karlsruhe. The HSV had recently repeatedly pushed for a quick verdict.

Bakery Jatta rejects allegations - HSV coach Hecking sour

At the beginning of the week, Jatta submitted an opinion to the Hamburg-Mitte district office. "Of course we reject the allegations with determination and that is the subject of the Opinion,

" said Jattas lawyer Thomas Bliwier on Tuesday the DPA DFL had reaffirmed after the whistle against Jatta at the weekend in Karlsruhe again that Jatta retains his eligibility - and Clubs and fans are called upon to be fair with the 21-year-old.

HSV coach Dieter Hecking had sharply criticized the whistles of the Karlsruhe audience. The ex-Gladbacher defended his player after the game again and asked the authorities again to clarify the matter quickly.

"Bakka has submitted all the documents and they are valid, and if we can no longer trust the state and the German authorities, then we can go home," Hecking said.

These stars did not manage the breakthrough at HSV:

Germany is a country that "wants to stand for integration," said Hecking.

"That's why I find it unspeakable how he is treated, which among other things means that the people in Karlsruhe think they have to whistle him.

" Jatta feels at HSV the full backing of the other players and those responsible. And the fans: After the game, the supporters of the red roses celebrated the left-winger, who was again sent by substitute goalkeeper Mickel in front of the block of guest fans.


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