Hansa Rostock against VfB

FC Hansa Rostock against VfB Stuttgart:

After the victory of VfB Stuttgart against Hansa Rostock, the participants in the Baltic Sea Stadium have commented on the match. We have summarized the voices to the game.

Rostock - VfB Stuttgart, who had lost as first division last season in the first round 0: 2 in Rostock, was again hard at the Baltic Sea Stadium. 

After the lead by Hamadi Al Ghaddioui (19th) the Swabians had to fear for the progress until the end. We collected the votes after the game: FCH coach Jens Härtel: "Goals count in football. 

Stuttgart did one, not us. We did well in the beginning, had good ball wins and should actually take the lead. But then we were too imprecise. 

But then we pause, although we knew that they like to run short. We had to run after the goal all the time. Overall, I can not blame my team, they did it well - but we lost, so we're not satisfied. "

We put too little speed into the game and were too slow - except at the gate. But I have to say, we were under-structured in the last third. That did not please me."

The game day blog to the cup game:

VfB captain Marc Oliver Kempf: "In today's situation, we did not develop enough speed forward and were a bit too inaccurate. 

The opponent threw everything in, they lunged out twice today. Since it is difficult to come to clear chances. 

That might not be the best footballing game of ours today. But decisive is the victory and the progress. "

VfB player Daniel Didavi: "We did not play well today. What we did in the first games was not there for long stretches today. I am still glad that we are further. 

Nevertheless, this year it is our claim to want to appear more sovereign. We did not make it today. "

That is how the individual criticism of our editorial department turns out:

FCH striker Pascal Breier: "We did a pretty good job over the entire game and unfortunately we went for a break at the corner. 

We were sleepy. At half-time, we told each other that we did not want to leave immediately and run into the knife. 

So we were able to keep the game open and in the end, we invested everything again. Unfortunately, that did not work. But on the whole, we did a decent game. "

VfB sports director Sven Mislintat: "We have broken a curse here. That's why we are happy about the progress. Today it felt like we were always half a second too slow in the head. 

The team did not come into play properly. The good thing is that the team, however, has resisted properly, with the entire mentality has resisted today. 

We did not bring the game home today with good football, but with the other virtues, a bit dirty as well. That's part of it too, and that's a good insight. But the analysis will be longer, that's for sure. "


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