Future of Formula 1

Future Of Formula 1 :

The new rules for the season 2021 would have been established long ago. But Formula 1 is having a hard time getting more suspense in the races. The budgets favour the top teams.

Formula 1 ends its summer break on Sunday with the race in Spa (15.10 clock live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: RTL and Sky). There is a lot to talk about in Lewis Hamilton's sixth world title.

What Formula 1 wants for the future, is also clear: Exciting races, a balanced field - and yet up-to-date technology, which is also justified in times of environmental and climate debate.

How to achieve that, the leaders of the motorsport premier class argue for months. Actually, the new regulations for the 2021 season should already be known at the end of June.

But the adoption has been postponed because on many points there is still no agreement.

What is already known
The budget cover will come. Smaller teams should become more competitive, but this goal was missed.

The maximum budget will be $ 175 million a year - with exceptions. Driver's salary and PR expenses are not included in the total and can be increased up to $ 250 million.

At the moment, the top teams spend more than $ 300 million. "The new budget is far too high, which brings so little, not even us as a factory team," says Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul.

FIA President Jean Todt admits that he would have preferred a lower number:

Now only three teams are affected by it, which must be limited, said the former Ferrari team principal at the race at Hockenheimring to SPIEGEL ONLINE.

So, only Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have to step down a bit, but the advantage over teams like Williams or Racing Point remains huge.

Better would be a limit that affects all teams and gives everyone the same chance, but that was not enforceable.

This budget cover is better than none. Maybe we can put the sum down in a second step, said Todt.

The problems with the technical regulations

Today's formula 1 is too boring, as proven by Hamilton's current 62-point lead over team-mate Valtteri Bottas.

The new rules should bring more tension and more overtaking manoeuvres, at the same time reduce costs by unit parts.

The engineers argue about the latter, they are afraid of a "unified formula" that restricts them too much in their work.

And whether in 2021 will several teams compete for the World Cup? After all, more tension has been promised in recent years - without much success.

Todt relies on an expert commission that has been working on the project for more than one and a half years.

We know that we have to start above all in the aerodynamic area of ​​the cars," said the 73-year-old Frenchman.

I have every confidence that they will bring us good solutions. He did not become more specific. Experts doubt a solution that guarantees more overtaking manoeuvres.

What do the drivers want?

Four points are particularly important to the drivers around Hamilton and World Championship challenger Sebastian Vettel:

Tires: They should not overheat right away if the car slips. It should be easier to get the tires in the ideal condition and to keep this temperature-dependent working window longer.

Aerodynamics: Indirect duels, the following car should not lose as much contact pressure as it does at the moment due to the so-called dirty air of the vehicle in front.

Lighter cars: The fact that the racing cars are currently getting heavier from year to year, is a thorn in the side of everyone, "because the handling is so cumbersome," as Hamilton and Vettel emphasize again and again.
Sporting competition: A balanced balance of power through a fairer distribution of money and a reduction of expenses.

Even though my boss Toto Wolff probably does not like hearing that, as Hamilton has already noted.

Therefore, there is no step back in technology

Formula 1 purists want the return of the loud eight- or even twelve-cylinder internal combustion engines, fans hope for an easy-to-understand technique.

Mercedes team boss Wolff gives these demands a refusal: "Formula 1 is now the forefront of motorsport, and there you can not technically go back to a level like 30 years ago.

The new regulations will then also make the use of e-fuels mandatory, that is to say, the fuel that is at least partially produced using electricity from renewable energies.

Currently, there is the talk of a share between 20 and 25 per cent. Wolff and Todt are there in line. "Hybrid technology, energy efficiency, lower fuel consumption - these are the important factors for the future," said Todt.

The Formula E still drives in the shadow of Formula 1, but there are already six major car manufacturers represented.

Once a month, representatives of Fia, the F1 management of Liberty Media, the team bosses and, most recently, two representatives of the drivers' union GPDA meet to discuss the new rules.

For Vettel, however, there is also a crucial problem: "If we continue to debate, not much will come out of it.

" At some point, deeds must follow, but that will not work if everyone is allowed to take part in the decision.one must now take the book in hand and say: That's the way it is!"


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