Florian Silbereisen

Florian Silbereisen's Show:

Nobody would have expected that in Klaffenbach: Due to heavy storms the recordings for the Silbereisen show 

"Schlager des Sommers" were cancelled! Today we know that the whole area was evacuated during the recording due to the storm.

On the spot at the moated castle, seemingly chaotic conditions prevailed. According to our editor, it happened after the performance of Ross Antony.

The guests were instructed to leave the grounds. The spectators were instructed to seek shelter in the cars. If no owner is available, one should look for protection in other cars.

Already since the date announcement, the show was not a good start: industry insiders have wondered why the program was parallel to the ZDF show "Welcome to Carmen fog" was recorded and you had to indirectly compete again here.

But it went on until 10:30 pm. Many spectators who were previously on the site, but should not have returned.

Florian thanked the audience several times for the fact that some have waited to celebrate in better weather. 

It was continued directly with the grand finale and the fireworks, as this had to be burned down to 0 o'clock. The recording end was around 1:15. A long evening for all involved.

That a performance during rain can be dangerous, is known. Storms usually bring thunderstorms with them and the danger of being struck by lightning is not to be underestimated. 

We are happy that all those involved remained unscathed and that today's show was really entertaining.

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