Dynamo Dresden

Dynamo Dresden:

Patrick Ebert brought the Elbestädter into the lead with a direct free-kick, while new signing Alexander Jeremejeff took advantage of one of his numerous opportunities to make a preliminary decision in the 82nd minute. 

The union of Denis Thomalla came too late. Dresden. Dynamo Dresden has celebrated against 1. FC Heidenheim the first victory of the season in the 2nd Bundesliga. In front of 26350 spectators in the Rudolf Harbig Stadium, the Black and Yellow prevailed 2: 1 on Sunday afternoon. 

Patrick Ebert with a direct free-kick and new signing Alexander Jeremejeff had shot the SGD 2-0 in the second half in front, before the substitute Denis Thomalla (89) shortened by penalty. In the end, however, there is a deserved victory - and enormously important three points.

The pictures for the 2-1 home win of the SG Dynamo Dresden

Coach Cristian Fiel set a small bang before the match by eliminating Moussa Koné, the Senegalese Moussa Koné, who was not convincing in the 3-0 cup win against fifth-league Dassendorf. Instead, new signing Alexander Jeremejeff was in the starting eleven.

The 25-year-old Sturmhüne had changed from BK Häcken from Sweden to the Elbe at the beginning of this week. 

Kevin Ehlers, Patrick Ebert and Baris Atik also returned to the starting lineup for Florian Ballas, Niklas Kreuzer and René Klingenburg. Jannik Müller took over the captaincy.

Dynamo determines the initial phase

The early quarter-hour was black and yellow. With possession, they combined themselves near the penalty area, but without creating clear chances to score. 

At times, the guests from the Ostalb did not even get the ball. And if they did, they quickly lost him again through clever and aggressive Dresden pressing.

Dynamo was looking for new signing Jeremejeff, who, despite his height of 1.92 meters, knows how to convince not only in terms of head-ball but also of running and playing ability. However, there was no danger immediately before the goal.

The Heidenheimer waited in the back for counter chances - and the first offered himself then in the 16th minute. 

The cross from FCH legend Marc Schnatterer landed punctually when the central defender Oliver Hüsing, who had moved up to the centre of the storm, had no one on the list. 

Mutterseelen alone, he sat on the flying head ball, SGD goalkeeper Kevin Broll, however, was on the spot. 

Shortly after the next counterattack: left-back Jonas Föhrenbach attracted, Linus Wahlqvist came at the conclusion too late, but Broll cleared the corner (19.). 

And that developed dangerously, as the ball came over detours to Schnatterer. The roaring from a distance and the convincing acting Broll scratched the ball from the angle (20).

From then on, a game developed at eye level. Dynamo's field advantages were suddenly gone. The team of guest coach Frank Schmidt lurked on, but played in phases but also good and managed more and more to prevent the combination game of the SGD.

 In the 25th minute, Sascha Horvath fiercely recited a handball match of his opponent Patrick Mainka in the Heidenheimer penalty area, but referee Patrick Alt laid down after consultation with the video assistant: kick FCH instead of penalty SGD.

Nikolaos header just missed the target

The most dangerous was in this rather balanced game phase still a free kick by Patrick Ebert, the Heidenheim defender Marnon Busch falsified in the direction of his own goal. 

Kevin Müller but parried easily (28). Dynamo came back only in the last ten minutes of the first half - initially by a corner-defended attack by Sascha Horvath. 

Chris Löwe's subsequent corner landed on Jannis Nikolaou's header, but the ball was just to the right of the goal (39 '). That was the best chance of the hosts so far.

Shortly before the break, however, Dynamo would have had to make it 1-0. Kevin Muller first caught a placed Ebert header in the lead after another lion cross (44 '). 

In the subsequent construction game, the FCH keeper but made a serious faux pas. Alexander Jeremejeff took the ball from him but did not turn it into capital. 

The conclusion from an acute angle on the empty goal landed on the outer net (44.). Shortly before the end of the two-minute stoppage time, Leo had almost achieved a nice Nikolaou pass, but Müller came just before him.

So it went scoreless in the half-time break. Both teams returned unchanged from the cabin. However, the Heidenheimer were more alert, who almost lost the lead in the 52nd minute. 

A corner kicked past Hüsing on the second post, who put the ball on the net, but Broll reacted with a strong save. It took ten minutes in the second round until the SGD again had an offensive action. 

After Atik's save Jeremejeff but did not hit the ball. Deni Burnic's shot in the second attempt knocked Hüsing off to the corner, but it did not earn anything.

Dynamo with more engagement after halftime

Now Dynamo became stronger again and sought his new man Alexander Jeremejeff in the storm centre, which was very conspicuous but acted without luck. 

Baris Atiks flank ball was accepted by the Swede with Russian ancestors skillfully but hit the ball when shooting attempt (60.). 

Two minutes later he hit the ball with full force - but with his too central shot also goalkeeper Müller, who had stopped in the middle and stopped (62). 

But now they realized: The Dresdner was fully there, they did not want to be satisfied with a 0: 0.

Shortly thereafter, the first change at Dynamo: René Klingenburg came for Sascha Horvath, who kicked shortly after Jeremejeff's big chance and had injured himself (65.). 

And Klingenburg made equal operation, was stopped by Griesbeck but shortly before the penalty area by foul (67). 

Free kick for the SGD - Patrick Ebert came on and met with a fine trick over the wall into the left corner directly to the celebrated 1-0 (68th). 

The longed-for liberation for the black and yellow! Coach Cristian Fiel stormed into the jubilation of his players - an important goal!

Heidenheim reacted with his third and last chance. Attacker Biankadi came for defender Föhrenbach (74.) before Otto and captain Schnatterer for Thomalla and Goalgetter Schimmer had already left the field (64.). 

Dynamo but continued to play, wanted to go to the 2: 0. Atik failed, however, to Müller (74.), Jeremejeff also hung after a nice turn again on Heidenheimer keeper (75). 

Then it was time for goalscorer Patrick Ebert, with Florian Ballas another defender came into play (77).

New signing Jeremejeff meets for the 2: 0

Then finally Jeremejeff's hour struck: Atik spurted a steep pass and played the ball in the middle. However, he was deflected by Mainka, but Jeremejeff was in the right place and used the rebound. 

From the left inside post, the shot finally went into the goal to 2: 0 (82). It is the debut goal of the 25-year-old after just four training days with the Dynamos. 

And that shows: You can also force your luck. Again and again, he had failed to Kevin Müller, now he was the winner in this duel.

 Immediately thereafter, he made room for the second newcomer of the week, Luka Stor, with great applause.

But the guests from Baden-Württemberg were not beaten. As Griesbeck entered the area, Burnic intervened and met Heidenheimer, who fell to the ground. 

Referee Patrick Alt decided on a penalty and checked his decision again by video evidence, but remained there: Thomalla certainly turned to a 2-1 first-goal (89).

 Now it was tight again, a hot final phase was in the air. In direct return, Alts whistle remained mute, as the substitute Stor of Theuerkauf in the FCH penalty first held the light and then was crossed (89).

At the end of the four-minute stoppage time then Kevin Broll held the first Dresden victory of the season. 

Now the Dynamos can breathe a bit before it goes to Darmstadt on Friday. At Böllenfalltor there is an away match for the fourth matchday.


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