cologne 50667 ingo kantorek accident

Cologne 50667 Ingo Kantorek Accident:

"Cologne 50667" star Ingo Kantorek and his wife Suzana accidental death on A8 at Sindelfingen. Fire department finds no signs of skidding in the accident of Ingo Kantorek.

He plays the Alex Kowalski in "Köln 50667". Now TV star Ingo Kantorek and his wife Suzana have died in a terrible accident on Autobahn 8 near Sindelfingen. 

The police confirmed: Suzana Kantorek (48) was behind the wheel of the Mercedes X-Class. As the "Bild" reports, the police do not exclude microsleep as an accident cause.

cologne 50667 ingo kantorek accident

No skid marks in an accident of "Cologne 50667" star Ingo Kantorek:

The accident occurred Friday morning at 1.45 clock on the rest area Sommerhofen. Suzana Kantorek turned loud police with the Mercedes X-class from highway 8 in the parking lot.The 48-year-old should have touched a concrete bulkhead and crashed into the truck trailer. 

The fire department suspects that she was travelling too fast because the speedometer needle stopped at 110 kilometres per hour. It is unclear whether this was the speed with which the couple raced under the trailer.

Fire spokesman Rainer Just: "We noticed no signs of skidding during the night, police and an expert of the DEKRA determine.

Another firefighter told RTL that the police was a mystery. By the investigators was Friday evening no opinion to get.

Ingo Kantorek and his wife have just returned from their holidays in Italy. On the Instagram account, the 44-year-old posted videos of the ride - until shortly before his death. Ingo Kantorek made his wife on Instagram a few days ago a declaration of love.

Felix Wesseler, producer of "Köln 50667"  "We are shocked and full of sympathy and can not grasp what happened."


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