Cesária Évora

Cesária Évora 78th Birthday:

Today, August 27, the African singer Cesária Évora would have celebrated her 78th birthday and will be honoured on the occasion of Google with a switched in many countries doodle.

The name of the Cape Verdean singer and Grammy award winner probably will not tell many people, but her popularity as a world star also reached as far as Germany, where she worked with, among others, Peter Maffay

Today's doodle shows Cesária Évora, who was hit very well in the picture, singing in the atmosphere of a seaside town.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell if this is a Portuguese or a Cape Verdean city because both countries have their great careers to thank. She began her career as a singer on cruise ships, so it could just be "any" city.

Of course, the Google logo is embedded in the doodle again and is placed in a curved line, but with very clear letters, at the height of the mountain.

There, the letters are partially hidden by the mountain and make sure that the lettering does not look too dominant. Interestingly enough, the chosen font is very reminiscent of the old Google logo, especially the small g.

Today's doodle was created by Google's designers, who had support from the family of Cesária Évora for the theme choice and design.

On the Doodle page, there is an interview with a granddaughter Évoras who talks about her grandmother and her legacy.

Cesária Évora was born on the 27th of August 1941 on the Cape Verde Islands and is not only known as the most famous singer of the African archipelago but also as the queen of the Morna, a special musical genre.

Most of her songs she also sang in their native language Kreol, but could still rise to become a world star and clear in the course of their long career even a Grammy.

She received her first recording contract in 1988 at the age of 47 and was finally able to start her career and become a world star.

Previously, she sang for many years in clubs, bars and on cruise ships. From time immemorial she always sang without shoes and without socks, which earned her the nickname "the barefoot diva".

Diva, however, does not do it justice, because she took advantage of her success and her popularity for numerous social projects and was among other things an ambassador for the UN Food Program.

In her home country, among other things, an airport is named after her and Google will now provide with today's Doodle again for global attention.


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