Caroline Bosbach

Caroline Bosbach:

Politician-daughter Caroline Bosbach has revealed to "Grill den Henssler" that she and her partner Oliver got engaged.

The great pleasure in the house Bosbach. Caroline Bosbach, the daughter of CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach, 67, has given a sweet love update on "Grill the Henssler".

Wolfgang Bosbach: daughter is engaged:

She and her partner Oliver Strank, who is also a politician and active in the SPD, have become engaged.

The two got to know each other - how could it be otherwise - at a political event and have been dating since then.

On Sunday (25th of August) Caroline Bosbach and her father visited the cooking show "Grill den Henssler",

where the politician's daughter announces the good news that her partner has fallen on her knees before her.

Calculated with the request Caroline Bosbach according to their statements. "It was in Jerusalem, it was beautiful, I was surprised and overwhelmed," she happily said in the cooking show.

And how does Papa Bosbach deal with the fact that his daughter will soon sail into the port of marriage? He is thrilled by his son-in-law in spe.

Wolfgang Bosbach about his son-in-law in spe:

I knew him, the fiance, even before Caroline and he made a good impression. After old school, Oliver Strank went first to Wolfgang Bosbach to stop for the hand of Caroline and to obtain the consent of the bride's father.

Make my daughter happy, then you have my blessing, Wolfgang Bosbach has responded to his new family member. Congratulations!


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