Bachelorette 2019 Finale

Bachelorette 2019 Finale:

This has never happened before in six seasons of the RTL show "The Bachelorette". Shortly before the final candidate Tim Stammberge Gerda Lewis trembles.

Will he accept her rose? And what happens if he does not? He takes a deep breath, looks at the ground, is tense.

In the seventh episode of the RTL show "The Bachelorette", candidate Tim was visibly alert to his nervousness.

And anyone who thought that his tension would change with a rose from Gerda was wrong. After Keno got his rose, Tim stepped forward and said nothing.

Only when Gerda offers him a private conversation, he moves out with the language. There was a distance last "that should not be there," says Tim.

But will he still accept the Bachelorette Rose? RTL left the audience in the dark and put off the final episode next week. Really many options are not available anyway.

What happens when Tim takes the rose?

In this case, the cop will, of course, continue in the final. As in previous seasons before, he and his competitor Keno will meet the parents and friends of the Bachelorette before Gerda has to choose one of the men.

What would remain, but a bland aftertaste? For would the bachelorette really give her last rose to a man who seems to doubt her feelings for her? At any rate, we can only imagine that very hard.

What happens if Tim does not accept the rose?

Well, then Keno would probably be the sure winner. The fact that Marco, who would not have gotten a rose from Gerda anyway, would voluntarily make it to the final after a departure from Tim is at least highly unlikely.

Even though he says his kiss with Gerda has already had some impact on him at the home dates, we find it unrealistic that he wants to fight for a woman who wanted to leave him alone.

What happens if only keno reaches the final?

That would certainly also be a strange situation for the project engineer from Düren. Win the heart of Gerda without a fight?

The last rose virtually gotten by his competitor? That will certainly make Keno doubt how serious Gerda is with him.

Especially since a question about everything will be: Would Keno also get the last Rose if Tim had not previously volunteered?

The fans meanwhile have a clear opinion - and are mostly in favour of Tim, and show understanding for his reaction.

"I just think Tim is authentic! He has feelings for her but realizes that she is much further away with Keno.

This burdened him visibly. He wants the rose but is afraid to get hurt. I admire him for his honest words, "it says in a comment on Instagram, which already appeals to over 1,000 people.


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