Andreas Gabalier hulapalu

Andreas Gabalier hulapalu hospitalized:

Popstar Andreas Gabalier was brought to the hospital three days ago. Now the Austrian superstar finally speaks up and it does not seem to be good for Andreas Gabalier. In a Facebook live video, Gabalier announces and explains what he really lacks.

Andreas Gabalier: Great concern for the pop singer

"My dear fan base, some nasty kryptonite has brought down the mountain man," says Andreas Gabalier. 

That's why I lie here in the state hospital and hope that it will be better again until Wednesday. We have to play a concert in Switzerland. "

Andreas Gabalier is on stage again on Wednesday:

It honours the "Hulapalu" singer, that even in such an unpleasant situation he only thinks of his fans. And yet, when you see the pictures of Andreas Gabalier, it's hard to believe that he can be fit enough to stand on stage for three hours until Wednesday.

Andreas Gabalier, too, does not seem to be completely convinced of a flash recovery: "I'm not feeling well at the moment and I hope there's some magic left to let the Mountain-Man fly again so we can go on Wednesday and maybe on Saturday then you can fire up for you.

I'm in the best hands here, the nurses and the doctoral students, even making me an apprehensive apprentice (grated apple, editor's note), so that I can get back on my feet.

 But right now it looks really bad in the stomach because I can not absorb water. I just wanted to say that as a little warning and send you greetings from the hospital. It's not funny to lie here. "

Andreas Gabalier hulapalu

Funny not, but at least he was able to distract himself, with the Motorcycle World Cup (MotoGP) on TV.

Fans are very worried about Andreas Gabalier

His fans send Andreas Gabler in any case only the best congratulations:

  1. "Hello dear Andreas, we pray for you, that you feel better soon!"
  2. "Get well soon."
  3. "With all my heart I wish you a speedy and speedy recovery. Messenger out !!!! "
  4. "Get well soon, maybe you need a little rest."
  5. "I send you a lot of good thoughts, strength and positive energy !! You have to get fit quickly. "


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