Amazon Rainforest Is Burning

Amazon Rainforest Is Burning:

In unchecked deforestation, the Amazon rainforest is additionally destroyed by devastating forest fires. 

They are the heaviest fires in seven years. Many of them were caused by illegal forest clearance.

In the year, 71,500 fires further destroyed the Amazon rainforest, which was already affected by deforestation. 

According to the Brazilian space institute Inpe, the number of fires this year is 82 per cent higher than in the same period last year. 

This is reported by the magazine "Examine". According to researchers, these are the heaviest forest fires in seven years.

Satellite images show that huge clouds of smoke are also moving towards the metropolis of Sao Paulo 2700 kilometres away and to Brazil's border with Paraguay and Argentina.

Forest fires are not uncommon because of the drought. Above all, however, the cause is illegal deforestation and slash-and-burn in the region. 

Brazil's ultra-right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro wants to free the Amazon against international protest on the extraction of raw materials and also sacrifice nature reserves and indigenous reservations.

Amazon Fear of deforestation:

In July, the illegal deforestation of the Amazon rainforest was almost three times higher than in the same month last year. 

Experts expect this year to increase by a total of 45 per cent of illegal deforestation compared to the previous year.

Under the hashtag #PrayForAmazonia (# RezaPorLaAmazonía), thousands of people and numerous environmental organizations have joined forces in social media. 

They accuse Bolsonaro of environmental crimes because he wants to sacrifice the green lung of the earth for commercial use.


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