Tönnies It was just foolish:

Clemens Tönnies is severely derailed with racist comments. He was dismayed by himself, said the Schalke supervisory board chief of a newspaper. He wanted to "make amends" what happened.

After his racist remarks, the Schalke supervisory board chairman Clemens Tönnies is deeply contrite.

"I'm so upset with myself that something like that could happen to me, so there's no talking around with drumming, it does not help to make it worse, it was simply foolish," said the 63-year-old entrepreneur from Saturday (subject to a charge).

Examination by the Honorary Council:

For his comments, the Schalke boss was heavily criticized. Among other things, the climate movement "Fridays for Future" and the former Schalke professional Hans Sarpei criticized his statements as racist.

Tönnies assured him that it was important for Europeans to become more involved in Africa and to invest more in solving climate problems through large investments.

"I have through my thoughtless comments, which I deeply regret, unfortunately completely counteracted," Tönnies said.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board received backing from the Schalke Executive Board.

The honorary council of the football Bundesliga club, meanwhile, announced that it would like to discuss Tönnies' remarks in the coming week. Tönnies will explain himself at the meeting.


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