Sylvia Leifheit

Sylvia Leifheit's Playboy cover:

On Friday, Sylvia Leifheit moves to the "Celebrity Big Brother" container. Previously, she has taken off for the new edition of the men's magazine "Playboy".

Sylvia Leifheit (43, "The Red Mile") is expecting an exciting TV adventure. Starting next Friday, she will join the new season of "Celebrity Big Brother" (as of August 9, 8:15 pm, Sat.1) and move into the infamous television container.

Previously, however, she has mastered another adventure: Sylvia Leifheit moved for the new September issue of the German "Playboy" blank.

In the accompanying interview, Leifheit explains that she has no particular expectation of "celebrity big brother", and "rather with joy and curiosity" will move.

"I'm looking forward to the isolation, the group dynamics and the many egos that I will be meeting," explains Leifheit. "It's definitely going to be exciting and a must on my path of development."

Lots of sex, but no sensuality:

With her "Playboy" pictures, the actress wanted to remind that today, although they live in a world full of sex, the sensuality has been lost.

"I love to be sought after, I like to adorn myself, I like to wear high-heeled shoes, anything that allows you to show the female attributes and awaken erotic fantasies.

" That's fun and the "Playboy" is "a medium in which I may be the object of desire."The reproach of some that the men's magazine objectifies women shocks Leifheit.

"It is up to every woman to make herself an object of desire, women are intelligent enough to say yes or no And I demand respect for the woman's desire to show herself. I want to be an object of desire! "


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