Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda Pioneer of New Hollywood :

He was not only Easy Rider but also the first successful filmmaker of the American counter-movement: Now Peter Fonda died at the age of 79 years.

What kind of ideas you can come up with when you're staring at yourself. In his autobiography "Do not Tell Dad: A Memoir" Peter Fonda tells him that  Easy Rider came to mind in 1966 in front of a poster of his own film The Wild Angels stood

The thing was a typical biker movie of the sixties, as produced by the studio American International Pictures in the dozen. 

The cinemas across the country eventually had to be supplied with fresh trash merchandise for snogging teens and semi-hard motorcyclists. 

Directed by legendary B-picture director Roger Corman, Fonda starred alongside Nancy Sinatra, whose blonde hair was wickedly wicked in the wind when it accelerated.

Of course, on the poster, the two were in the foreground, with a whole army of biker following in the background. 

The slogan of the film was: "Their motto is violence, their god is hatred and they call themselves: The Wild Angels!"

And as Fonda stood there in front of a cinema and looked at himself in the display, he had an intuition. 

"I suddenly realized what sort of motorcycle sex drug movie I was going to do next, not even a thing about 100 Hell's Angels, no, it was supposed to be like 'The Black Hawk' by John Ford. 

I would take on the role of John Wayne and Dennis Hopper those of Jeffrey Hunter After a long journey east through America, we would finally be torn into 1000 pieces ... "

Of course, Peter Fonda, born in 1940 in New York, knew exactly what he was talking about. He was eventually the son of Henry Fonda, one of the biggest stars of post-war cinema. 

Henry had shot "The 12 Jury" and "Play the Song of Death" for me, and of course, he had also stood in front of the camera for Grand Master John Ford, in "Fruits of Anger." 

A father figure whose son always asked to be approached with Peter. "As soon as someone said Mr Fonda, I immediately thought, my age is in the room!"


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