Miley Cyrus Separates

Miley Cyrus Finally Separated:

Not even a year ago, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth married. Now they have announced their separation. The singer and the actor want to remain "dedicated parents" for their animals.

Kisses and hugs, Miley Cyrus in a white dress, Liam Hemsworth in a black suit: The singer and the actor made their wedding public on December 2018 with numerous photos on the social media. 

Well, about eight months later, the marriage of the two is apparently already over - at least for the time being.

"Liam and Miley have decided to split up at this point," a spokeswoman for the singer said. "They decided it was best," they said, both wanting to focus on themselves and their careers.

Cyrus and Hemsworth had met in 2009 during filming "With You by My Side" and engaged in 2012. The engagement was dissolved. 

In 2016, Cyrus then confirmed in the show by Ellen DeGeneres that she was reunited with Hemsworth and remarried.

Whether the re-separation is now the final end of the relationship:

Probably not even know the two themselves One thing the former couple will apparently continue to connect: Cyrus and Hemsworth announced that they would continue to be "devoted parents" for their common animals.


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