Josh Kloss

Josh Kloss:

US male model accuses singer Katy Perry of attacking a party. The two knew each other from a video shoot. In real life, however, a meeting was more likely a nightmare, as the Americans now made public.

In a posting on Instagram, the male model, which was featured in the singer's video of the same name, now accused the artist of sexual harassment. The incident should have happened in 2010 at the birthday party of a mutual friend. 

The 36-year-old is said to have pulled down his sweatpants as he passed by, thereby exposing his genitals so that many bystanders could see them.

"I write this because our culture has set out to show that powerful men are perverted. But powerful women can be just as repulsive, "wrote the 38-year-old last Sunday in his account to the incident. 

He had long needed to make the truth public, also because he did not want to exploit the matter financially for himself, so Kloss on. Besides, he was ashamed.

"To admit that someone injured someone in this damn way and you did not call the police was hard to digest, it took time," the British Daily Mail quotes. 

The singer, who has requested the sheet for a statement, has so far not publicly commented on the allegations. 

It is important for him to point out that even a "man like me can feel powerless and hurt, and that it is courageous to make it public when it matters, and not when it is financially worth it.", writes Josh Kloss in his post. 

Meanwhile, he has received more than 1000 Likes for it. The model played in the video clip for the song "Teenage Dream", which premiered on July 2010, a lover of the US singer.


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